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I miss my own computer!!!

I am at my daughters and I really miss my own computer.  Hers is just giving me fits.

We went to Hell's Canyon yesterday and unloaded the bed, but we got such a late start that I did not get to the quilt shop in Halfway.  After something like 5 years trying I guess I will not get in a hurry.

Today, we are going to the fair and my daughters oldest, who is 5, may show a sheep, that should be fun.  I hope it is not too hot, it was a little cooler yesterday.

I wonder if they will have a quilt exhibit, probably not as it is a v ery small county fair, but I'm sure we will have a good time.



Sandy H. said:

Spud, you need a laptop to take with you so you'll always have your own computer.  The fair sounds like such fun - wish I could go with you.

# July 30, 2009 12:22 PM

Spudgrandma said:

Hi Sandy,

I do have a laptop but did not bring it and it is not easy to connect it here, she does not have a router and I would have to unhook hers and hook mine up.  I find it interesting that I'm more computer savy than my kids, go figure. LOL

The fair was a lot of fun.  My daughters oldest got to show a sheep in the peewee showmanship, it is for kids who are not old enough to have an animal yet.  He did such a good job and my daughter managed to get off work in time to be there.  He got a ribbon and he is so proud!

# July 30, 2009 7:41 PM

Sandy H. said:

Oh how wonderful for your grandson.  Hopefully he will remember this experience and want to do more with animals. I think having the responsibility for animals in a program like FFA or 4H is a great character builder for kids.  Sounds like a great trip.

# July 31, 2009 7:18 AM

Spudgrandma said:

Sandy, It was a good trip.  I just got home a bit ago and it is good to be home.

# July 31, 2009 3:59 PM