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I'm Home

I'm so happy to be home.  I sure do love being with my grandkids, but I'm happy to be home and maybe get some rest.

We had a wonderful day yesterday.  I took the two boys to the fair. We wandered around and looked at the animals, then we went and watched the quality sheep show for awhile.  Then we went and had lunch and then went back to watch some more sheep.  My daughter's oldest, who is 5, got to show a sheep in the peewee  showman.  My daughter got off work a few minutes early and got to come and watch him show, I'm sure glad she did not miss it.  He got a ribbon, they all did, and he was so excited.  He did a really good job and of course grandma thought he was the cutest showman out there... LOL  He was still beaming this morning.




I miss my own computer!!!

I am at my daughters and I really miss my own computer.  Hers is just giving me fits.

We went to Hell's Canyon yesterday and unloaded the bed, but we got such a late start that I did not get to the quilt shop in Halfway.  After something like 5 years trying I guess I will not get in a hurry.

Today, we are going to the fair and my daughters oldest, who is 5, may show a sheep, that should be fun.  I hope it is not too hot, it was a little cooler yesterday.

I wonder if they will have a quilt exhibit, probably not as it is a v ery small county fair, but I'm sure we will have a good time.


Mid-week on the Desert!

Wednesday morning and it seems to be a bit cooler this morning, I'm not sure if it is supposed to stay that way or not, I sure hope so. 

We are headed to my daughter's in a couple of hours. We plan to go to the fair and look at the 4H animals, then we will go to Hell's Canyon and unload the mattress and box springs.  If everything works out, we are going to go to Halfway and check out the quilt shop there and maybe even have some ice cream.

It should be a fun day and who knows I may find some fabric I cannot live without. I will probably just look though.

I Think God is a Quilter

I Think God is a Quilter
-Author Unknown-

I think God is a quilter
Who takes His needle and thread
To piece our world from nothingness
And give it form, instead.

I think God is a quilter
And everything I see
Are pieces from His careful hand
From tree to bumblebee.

I think we see God’s stitches
His texture everywhere;
The velvet moss, the grainy sand,
The silky strands of hair.

I think God is a quilter;
Stitching tight and tiny rows,
Adding to my scraps and pieces,
Seaming everything He knows.

I think He cuts the patterns
From what I’d throw away.
He shows me how to use each scrap
In His redeeming way.

I think God quilts a pattern
From everything I live;
But He can only stitch the quilt
From what I choose to give.

I think God is a quilter
Stitching strength where I am weak.
Showing me that life He touches
Embraces everything I seek.

I think God is a quilter
From the patience in each thread;
Proving length of time no barrier;
Treating time a gift, instead.

I think quilts are lessons
God uses just to teach
That our pieces and our remnants
Have kaleidoscopic reach.

So, in the life I’m living
With pieces everywhere
I’ll give them to the Quilter
To stitch with loving care.

I’ll give them to the Quilter
Unwanted though they be
And with His work of quilting
He’ll make a quilt of me.

Quiet Morning!

I'm having a very quiet and relaxing morning. The youngest is up but he is watching Mickie Mouse Club House and I have been enjoying my coffee. 

I picked out the Fat Quarters for my Fat Quarter Breeze and I think I will try to cut them out afterwhile.  After we have breakfast, if it is not already terribly hot, the boys can go out in the yard and I can cut out the FQs.  Then I will be a step ahead this weekend. 

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and starting another quilt before the current one is completed. I always start a quilt and finish it before starting another. QCA has made me stretch, I hope that is a good thing...LOL

Ocean Quilt

Here is another crib quilt made with appliqued pieces from left over scraps from my children's clothes.  This was the last one I made. I cannot find a picture of the Farm scene or the fishing one.


Getting ready for the Grandsons

I’m heading out in a little bit to meet my daughter and her family. I’m going to keep the two boys for the next week. My daughter got her job at the bank back (she quit 3 yrs ago when her youngest was born – he spent 2 mo in the NICU) I plan to stay here for a few days and then we will go to their house and go to the fair. We may go to my sons for a couple of days and go to their fair and carnival, we have not decided yet. It should be a fun week but I will not get to sew or play with my quilt frame.

I did play with my frame a little bit last evening. I completed one section and rolled the practice quilt. I’m going to cover it all with a quilt to hide the temptation to touch. I have my frame set up in my living room so there is no way to close it off but the boys are usually pretty good about things.

I guess I had better finish getting ready, I’m going to meet them in town and we will have lunch.

Have a wonderful day all!

God Bless!


I Think I'm in Love!

I finally did it. I loaded the practice sandwich, threaded the machine, flipped that switch and away I went. I cannot believe how nice the Brother sewed, nice even stitches, and the QCC (so far) is wonderful .

I didn’t  do very much because I was tired and hot from loading my little practice quilt. I can see already that I will probably have to get some diffrent leaders, I don’t think the fabric I bought is stiff enough and I’m afraid it may distort, but for the practice it will do. I may just look into buying some, as it may end up being cheaper than looking all over for fabric, Velcro, etc.

I’m really excited to get some more practice under my belt and then on to a real quilt.

I must admit that I had been wondering if I had made a mistake in buying the frame and the Brother. I was not sure if I would ever get it all put together and, when I did,  I was not sure I would be able to actually make it all work. I feel much better now.   I’m sure I will have problems but at least I know that it does do a nice job and I can learn how to quilt on the frame.

God Bless!

Lap Quilt for my MIL

My mother-in-law has cancer and has been taking chemo off-and-on since Sept of last year.  She is always cold, so for Christmas last year I made her a lap quilt, it is backed with Minkee and she has it with her all the time.


This was made with Charm Packs and Jelly Rolls, I kind of just made it up as I went.

Noah's Ark Quilt

I made crib quilts for all of my grandchildren. They were all variations of the same quilt.  The appliques were cut from scraps of fabric left over from clothing I made for their parents when they were little.


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Ready to go for a test drive!

I had a very productive day.  I finished installing the QCC on my frame, put the machine on and took it for a dry run (no thread.)  I think I have all the cords corralled and I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself; it is hard when you have no idea what everything is supposed to look like and how it is supposed to work, but I do think I figured it out.

I’m going to try and get a practice sandwich together tonight and then maybe do some piecing.  I think I will wait until tomorrow to try out the machine and frame, I make really stupid mistakes when I’m tired.

I sure hope it cools off here soon, I need to get out there and get some water going but its too hot to drag hoses so I will have to wait.  This triple digit weather is getting really old.

God Bless!

T Lynn - SW Idaho

We are making progress!

We are making progress!

Sunday, we set the machine on the frame and figured a few things out. It is starting to make more sense to me now that it has the machine on. 

Now, I'm trying to figure out the leaders. I've found quite a bit of information on how to make them, but I do so much better when I can see things and I have not found any pictures that I can tell exactly what they have done. I'm going to try to make the leaders tomorrow,  I plan on putting Velcro on them but could not find any, at JoAnn's, that I thought was wide enough; so, until JoAnn's gets more Velcro, I am going to try just pinning the practice quilt on the leaders.

After three tries, I think I finally matched the white background fabric for my Irish Chain. I cannot believe I did not buy enough the first time. I cut out my 6.5" squares and enough 2.5" strips to get going again. I hope to get some sewing done before I have to put things away again when Deana's boys come.

Tomorrow is supposed to be triple digits again, so not sure how much I will actually get done.  I need to start the water again or everything will start dying.

T Lynn - SW Idaho


Life's Bits & Pieces - Quilted with Love

Time to Sew!

I'm ready to get back to the sewing machine.  I'm going to try to make the leaders for my frame.  I also pulled out the blue jean quilt I started some time back (this is the only UFO quilt i've ever had, I usually start something and then don't start another until I finish) and hope to get it headed to completion. Then back to my Irish chain.

I'm anxious to get some work done, I will only have a week until i get my grandsons again for a few days and then I will take them home and spend several days there to watch them. It is Fair week where they live so we will go look at the animals and watch the 4H kids show, it should be a lot of fun.  I hope it is not too hot.

I need to set up another folding table to put my Brother on to make the leaders and I should be in business, so to speak.  LOL

May your day be blessed!

T Lynn - SW Idaho


Boy is Grandma Tired!

I posted this in the forum, I always forget about the Blog...I am going to try to make an effort to post here more often.  I, at least, will have my ramblings kind of organized in one place....

My grandsons went home a little bit ago, they have been here since Thurs afternoon.  They are really good but they are 5 and 2 1/2.  We had a great time, they spent hours fishing in the wheelbarrow. The little one would squeal I have one its a big one and then he would strain to reel it in, so very cute....

Now, I need to get some sewing done, I have not touched th machine since they got here.