Close to the finish line..

I can't believe how long it's been since I have worked on this, and I'm so close to the finish line. These are the outer corners of the final border. I put a quarter on it to give reference to the size of some of the pieces. Now all that's left to do are the pieced triangle blocks that center in the border and the piecing of the final border sections and the top will be finished. The triangle blocks are going to be the most difficult as all of the pieces will have to be cut by templates and can't be done by rotary cutter, now to just "make" the time to do it.     

Published Thu, Mar 31 2011 9:13 AM by Stephanie


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beautiful, stephanie

by gini

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Oh, this is gorgeous. When did you sneak this one in? Love the color palette. So pretty.

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Stephanie, As you know I am a huge fan of your Dahlia. She is simply stunning! I am so excited you are entering the final stages on her. To see her completed, I know will be really exciting for you! I know I will be excited to see her too! I can't wait! Marlene

by mars92

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Thank you Gini, Diane and Mars,


I started this last year and decided to blog about the journey of designing your own quilt with EQ6 and wanted to log progress and any problems I had along the way. So far they have been minimal, the first being not to switch any copy settings from black and white to color as the templates will size different, and the second was the first pieced border was larger, but that could have resulted form the templates being so large they had to be printed on two pieces of paper and taped.

  Marlene, I am getting excited. I can't believe I'm this close to having the top finished!  

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if you can would please announce it to the world that you fininish dahlia so you can stand up and take a bow! You so deserve it! and I know I will be standing up clapping for you also! I will be so ver y proud of you. She's a true masterpiece.! YEA I can't wait! Marlene Go work now , I 'll wait in the corner  : .>

by mars92

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Thank you Marlene, you're such a sweetheart.:)