Dahlia, Frustration arises

 EQ6 has a finished block measurement for the flower and background of 48 inches. So, I trimmed the square to 48 1/2 inches to allow for 1/4 inch seams all the way around for the first border to be attached. Because the first border has diamonds and squares it has to be precise. Well, it's not. I cut the exact templates and pieced them with exact seams and they measure 51 inches. A thought occured to me that I may have stretched my diamonds but if that was the case I have stretched them out to the exact same measurements. So.... what are my Options? I wouldn't begin to know how to rip seams out of diamonds and cut them down to resew and make them come out to 48 1/2 inches. If I trim off the ends my points won't match up in the seams at the corners. So, it appears the only option I have outside of leaving it off (which will affect my whole design) is to try and stretch the background fabric into the border. 1 1/2 inches...seems laughable, but that is what I have opted to try at this point. If successful I will steam iron it and see if I can straighten out the puckering that is sure to occur. The seam for this is so close to my  metallic stitching I hope I can press it out so that my stitching won't be ruined in the process. It is my challenge for today and if I'm successful I shall post pictures. If not, it will be back to the drawing board. The thing that makes me the most frustrated is that I intentionally left the square bigger in case a problem arose like this.Doggone it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!! I should have put a post it note on it to remind me. 


Well, I stretched prodded and pulled at the area that the border was going up against and managed to get it sewn on, but not without issues of some kind of wonky corners and a bit of a flouncey skirt look, but time will tell. I still have two borders to go and right now the flower itself has been appliqued onto a solid background so I wouldn't stretch it out in the process of adding the borders. I'm hoping I can do some trapunto or heavy quilting on this area to help pull in some of the slack. I probably should havee taken Nana's advice and just sewn a strip around it to make the first border fit, we'll see.  

Published Thu, Jul 29 2010 12:38 PM by Stephanie


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Stephanie,  I don't trust the EQ programs yet - I am very sorry you are having this problem and hope that your cure works.  

I have found that EQ a lot of times makes things bigger and you need to cut down to make size you want.

I am praying for you!! You WILL figure this out!

by Althea

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Stephanie If you have some of the green from around the Dahlia you could sew a 1 1/2 inch strip around it and then add your border.  Once everything is finished and quilted nobody will know but you.    Nana

by Nana

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Thank you Thea. This is a "learning experience" for me using EQ6 to "design" and complete a quilt. And of course I would just have to have put things in that couldn't be rotary cut.

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Thank you Nana. I missed your reply in responding to Thea, and proceeded to stretch and sew the border on.

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Ok, so how did the stretching go?  Did it work?  You are a much braver woman than me to try something this difficult on your first EQ pattern.  It will be stunning though and I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

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I'm going to post a picture of the bubble I had to work with. I was able to pull and stretch and end up with an unpuckered seam, but ended up with what I'd liken to an A'line skirt effect. LOL. I have at this point attempted a little shaving off of the corner squares in an attempt help get things back into square and am considering some trapunto in the diamonds to help ease some of the excess. I'm up in the air in deciding to add the second border first or draw it back in with trapunto first and looking for designs to work with the overall layout. So for now, it's resting, LOL, I have it smoothed out on the bed in the spare room, hoping some miracle theory or bit of advice comes my way so that this a'line pattern doesn't continue to grow as my quilt size increases with every border.

Thank you for your words of encouragement, I seem to have a tendency for taking on "challenges"? The worst case scenario is I still end up with a pretty wallhanging, and I have a stash in the making for Nana's next scrap quilt project.LOL