Using EQ6 to make a quilt

I hope anything I post in this will be helpful to everyone learning to make their quilts from the EQ programs.  The posts run from the most current down to the beginning.


In marking the block and creating the visuals, I see from experience that I can do some strip piecing for the 4 patches, and a couple other areas around the block instead of cutting each individual template. And after seeing the teeny template for the square in a square I have decided to use strips and cut them down with my Square in a Square ruler. These unfinshed blocks with the seam allowances I have drawn are 2 1/4 inches. I have placed a finished Square in square block on my page to see how this has worked out. So far right on target and a long way to go.




Then I took it one step further and made a notebook and cut out individual blocks and added 1/4 inch seam lines all around. I'll show you why next. I also added notes about how many of each block I'd need. Visuals are so helpful.






As time has gone on I have come up with some hopefully helpful tips along the way. Looking at the third border in this quilt you can see it has some very intricate blocks. These blocks were originally designed to be medallions. Since there are no instructions on how to go about piecing this I decided the first thing I needed to do is print out an actual size of the finished block and break it into sections. As can be seen by the black marker lines.


This is a quilt that the fabrics came first and then the plan. The Fabrics are from a line called Dolce by Debbie Beaves and the plan is something I used EQ6 to create. The center flower has 24! pieces that extend into arms to make a 48 in center flower. Pictured is the plan and the fabrics.

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I just realized I'm using some of the same fabrics as you in my Relay For Life quilt! I did have access to the entire line. Wish I had!

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beatiful, it look great

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That is an amazing quilt pattern the fabric is amazing too! I found a great website called they have all types of unique and creative downloadable quilt patterns and a great selection of all types of kites, quilt patterns, just about everything even fabric.  If you are ever looking for some creative quilt patterns or just want to be inspired you should check this site out!

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Thank you, I am adding more info and tips along the way as I get into this more and more.