I thought after almost a year of being on QCA I should do something with this empty space. I suppose I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself. I live in Florida with my husband of almost 32 years and have a son that I'm so very proud of. He's a paramedic firefighter.

I am a painting contractor and do faux painting, and cabinetry as well. I have also been known to do some stenciling and freehand art work.

I have been quilting as time permits since I was the age around 20, but not avidly so until the past two years or so and that's what lead me here. What a wonderful group of caring people I have found on this site, and have so enjoyed seeing everyone's work and sharing in the experiences of doing a Mystery quilt together.

I am going to post a few pic's of my work and then my quilts.

Published Tue, Mar 30 2010 5:20 PM by Stephanie


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Stephanie - you are so talented.  I love the painting that you have done.  Oh to have an ounce of your skill.  I love how you utilized that old table and turned it into something so sleek and functional.  Amazing.

by Kathy D

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Thank you so much. At this stage in life I just couldn't afford one of those fabulous Koala cabinets but I had power tools and plenty of paint on hand LOL. I just thought, what have I got to lose? I have a lot of divine intervention and am always thankful when even the smallest things work out.

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Stephanie, your quilts are so beautiful. That Dahlia quilt is awesome.  I didn't realize you had a blog, duh.  I love what you do with paint! I"m in awe of the cabinet and the chandelier thing...oh I can't remember what they'er called. It's beautiful.  Did you make that, too?

by Linny t

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Thank you Linny.

The chandelier medallion had to be ordered and came in a crate with four pieces. It spanned 7 ft. when I installed it.

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Forgot to add that I finished it on the ground with paint and glaze so I could just touch it up on when it was placed on the ceiling.