CraftOptics Telescopes allow quilt & sewing artists to see their creations through a new dimension of optical clarity and comfort. Customized with the user's personal prescription (including reading correction), CraftOptics Telescopes significantly reduce eye, back and neck strain by providing high resolution magnification from a comfortable, ergonomic working distance. Combined with the CraftOptics DreamBeam high-intensity light, the magnified field is brilliantly lit, allowing artists to easily focus on the fine details of their craft. CraftOptics products are risk-free. If you are not thrilled with how well you can see, we will refund your full purchase price, even if a custom prescription is installed!

CraftOptics has been a QCA sponsor since January 2013.

How CraftOptics sponsors Quilters Club of America: 

QCA premium members receive a 10% discount on phone/fax or online orders. Click here to get the coupon code.

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