Picture it: 1976. While the world is macraméing owls, doing the Hustle, and maneuvering bellbottoms, an entrepreneurial quilter and her husband launch a publishing business in their garage. One author. One book. One mission. To share the joys of a creative life. 

That entrepreneurial quilter? Nancy J. Martin. In addition to authoring over 40 books that have sold more than a million copies, she's inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create with confidence. How did she do it? She founded That Patchwork Place (and she hired a staff). 

Today, That Patchwork Place is an imprint of Martingale. Through 35 years of dedication to quilting and sewing, Martingale has published over 1,100 books that have sold more than 20 million copies, authored by more than 450 gifted designers. A tight-knit group of dedicated people operate Martingale, and 80% of them quilt, sew, or craft in their spare time. Together, Martingale employees have stitched more than 1,200 quilts alone!

They say you should do what you love. That's exactly what Martingale is doing. They love inspiring others to create beautiful quilts. The results are so satisfying. But more than that, their goal is to inspire a beautiful life--it's an immensely fulfilling side effect of creating with confidence. 

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