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June 2010 - Posts

I'm so excited!  Summer is my favorite time of the year.  Gardening, baseball/softball games, barbecuing and the sunshine!  I love warm weather, and since we do not get a lot of it in north Iowa, I treasure every bit.  Even though I spend my days sewing in my studio, I have large south and east facing windows that I open to a view of my attempts at gardening.  I do take mid afternoon breaks sometimes to lay on the hammock in the back yard and enjoy the warm breezes.

The new projects are coming along.  I'm to the applique stage which is my favorite part.  I love to "marry" patchwork and applique in a project.  I think it makes quilts "sing". With most of my projects, the applique can easily be done by machine also.  Many people I talked to are afraid of the "A" word.  There's no need to be.  When I teach a class, I tell them to start out with a project with just a little embellishment to get your feet wet.  Then move up to projects with more applique when they feel comfortable.  Once they learn the applique stitch, they find it's really easier than they thought.  Do you like to applique?  If so, what kind?

I have my "helper" Snuggles in the studio with me often.  Whether I want her here or not!  I have photos below of her helping me with the applique.  She loves to check out the studio several times a day to see what I'm up to.  I guess on Friday she was feeling a little ignored!



Well, more rain here in N Iowa means more time for quilting! 

I received great news this morning.  I will have two of my current patterns appear in the French quilt magazine called "Quilt Country".  I'm really excited!  They will be appearing in an upcoming issue in the fall or winter.  I worked with this magazine last year and it was fun.  The patterns they have chosen are the lap quilt/runner pattern "Floating Stars" which I posted on this blog in my first post and the other one they are going to publish is "Mostly Strips - Garden Path" which is a pattern using 2 1/2" strips.  I have posted the photo of that pattern with this blog entry.  I'll let you know when it is in the magazine.  It's fun to look through that magazine when I get it although I do not know how to read French.

Hope everyone's weekend was a good one.  We are having some wet, cool weather now but hopefully, we will return to nice summer, sunny weather soon!  It's better baseball watching weather!


Happy Sewing!

It's a rainy day here in N. Iowa so I am busy working on two patterns.  I have two out right now called "Summer Serenade" and "Spring Fling".  I've had requests to design companions for the other two seasons so now I am hard at work on "Autumn Breezes" and "Winter Wonderland".  Hopefully, both will be completed to go with distributors to fall market in Houston.  They're both fairly simple patterns with two options: a square table topper or a rectangular runner.  Both are pieced with some easy applique.  Can't wait to get them done!


I hope you are having a great day of quilting too!

Good Morning all!  It's a beautiful northern Iowa late spring day.  Right now it's in the mid 60s with bright sunshine.  I live for warm, sunny  weather!

I'm jumping into the week and starting to design new patterns for the next quilt market.  I'm interested in what quilters are looking for when they shop for patterns.  Do you want large or small projects? Simple designs or intricate?  I generally design patterns that have more than one project in them like a wall hanging and a table runner or a pattern with 4 different seasonal items.  Do you like patterns like that?  I am also curious about block of the month patterns.  Is that something that is still desired?   I have never designed a block of the month, but I am considering it.  If you have time to share your thoughts on what you would like to see in a pattern, I would greatly appreciate it!


Did anyone get any quilting done this weekend?  I know I had little time between baseball games, shopping, house cleaning and laundry!  I did start on an idea I'm working on and made some cute 4" blocks.  If the idea works out, I think it will be fun.  It may turn into a block of the month type pattern.  I have a busy day ahead and then have to leave the office to go to a baseball game.  That time of the year!  We have four games this week.  At least two are at home (3 blocks from my house).


Well, I'm off to do some work.  I'm posting a photo of the company namesake, Snuggles.  You can see how hard she works.  She's just plain tuckered out (like she does any work around here .. ha)!

While I was at market in Minneapolis, I was advised that I should start a Blog.  My response was ..... what would I have to say that would interest anyone?  Well, let me tell you a bit about my self.  I started my pattern design company in 2003 and have been marketing my self-published patterns since then.  I have one book published by Martingale & Co, Country-Fresh Quilts, and have finished writing the second one that is due out in February of 2011.  I'm excited!  I love to design scrappy quilts.  Anything from small table toppers all the way up to lap quilts.

So, on the personal side, I am married with two kids.  My daughter is going to be a sophomore in college and my son will be a Junior in high school this August.  Right now, he is happily playing baseball.  Here in Iowa, our school's baseball season is actually in the summer.

Snuggles Quilts you say?  Well, the name Snuggles comes from my cat who is always draping herself over all my quilts....even when I am trying to work on them.  Below is one of my new designs.

Well, I must be going to work on some pattern orders.  Enjoy the summer and happy quilting!