Healthy Recipes for 2013

Here are some recipes that I have created to address the problem of cookbook ingredients being too expensive and too hard to find. I tried to use common, inexpensive ingredients, but still make something good and healthy. A few of the recipes use stuff that can be found at any health food store, but most ingredients can be bought at any grocery store. Some of the recipes are my own creations, and some are adapted from other recipes to be healthy versions of the originals. 

Also, one thing I like to do is make a big pot at one time and portion out individual servings into 2 cups containers and freeze for later. This makes it really easy on busy days to grab a meal, heat it up, and stay on track with the healthy eating.

Chicken Fajita Soup.docx

Turkey Meatball Stew.docx

Blended Soup.docx

Beet Soup.docx

Chicken Fajitas.docx

Tuna Rolls.docx

Vegetable Quiche.docx

Breakfast Burritos.docx

Carrot Cake.docx

Chicken Salad.docx

Grilled Steak Salad.docx

Skillet Spaghetti Toss.docx

Pepper Cornbread Muffins.docx

Quinoa Salad.docx

Half-Moon Cucumber Salad.docx

Mixed Bean Salad.docx

Sweet Potato Fries.docx


I hope all these links will work for everyone. If they don't, I'll try to come up with another way to post them. I'm pretty sure all the recipes have been tested and will work fine, but just in case, if anyone has any problems with them let me know and I'll try to fix them. Otherwise, enjoy and share with anyone you'd like. Like I said, most of these are my own recipes, so they are copyright free.

Published Thu, Jan 10 2013 11:21 PM by Sabrina