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More Fingernail painting!

It's the time of year that we get really busy.

We had Family Night last month, Prematurity Awareness Week all week, District Meeting yesterday and we went out to visit our ladies at the nursing home.   They were very excited to see us and get their fingernails done for the holidays.  I spent my time visiting with a lady who has two precious daughters but neither live close enough to come see her weekly.  She was very happy to share the story of her life and I was glad to listen.   The kids were very busy painting nails and talking with the other ladies.   It is amazing to watch the interaction between these generations.    I love knowing that in the mix of the craziest we call life their are kids who will make time in their life to serve their community. 

Yesterday we learned that the lady who is working on the Cathedral window is all alone in this world.    She is actually on her second quilt having complete one for her twin bed she is now working on one for the owner of the home.  However, she is limited in materials and supplies, so we're going to put her a sewing basket together for a Christmas present.   Then we will restock it with fat quarters throughout the various holidays.   We have enough materials that we should be able to keep her stocked for years.   I am very excited to be able to help on a more personal level. 

December brings to one of my favorite projects which is the Christmas Party we do for special needs kids in our community.  We get a list from the school for wants and then go over and do a party for the children complete with Santa Claus.   I love the kids faces when he arrives.  They get so excited.  So many of them do not get a lot of opportunity to have one on one contact with people outside their small circle.  So this is is such a valuable experience for them.  For my kids I have seen it be life changing.  Many of them realize how truly bless they are even if they don't get that new whatever for Christmas.   They realize their blessed because of the gifts they were born with and that they have much more to be thankful than they realize. 

I can't wait!!!!!!  



Published Sat, Nov 19 2011 10:17 AM by Robin


# re: More Fingernail painting!@ Saturday, November 19, 2011 11:12 PM

Awsome! What a wonderful gift the sewing basket will be! Thank you for sharing your story! Hugs,

# re: More Fingernail painting!@ Sunday, November 20, 2011 6:13 AM

Thanks Kathy.

I'm excited to me working on the sewing basket, but I'm also excited to see how much the kids grow when they do so much for others.


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