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The Bell is Ringing Again!

School opened on Monday and my dreams of quilting all day has been put away until Thanksgiving Break when I plan to observe National Day of Quilting Elm Creek Style.   Until then I will work in snippets here and there.  The kids were on their best behavior at the start of school.  I love the fact that the first days are such a precious testing of the water. 

Tomorrow is the beginning of the second week and we will see what the year is really going to be like.  However, if last week is any indication I am once again teaching the brightest and the best.  For 24 years I have been blessed to have the opportunity to teach students who are bright, talented and energetic.   This year I will be teaching 2 sections of Early Childhood Education 1, 1 section of Early Childhood Education 2, 3, and 4 mixed together, 2 Ninth grade homerooms, a Teen Parenting Class and 1 Foods class.

As for my quilting plans are to work with the Teen parents in class for each them to have the chance to make one for their child and for FCCLA to make some for the Pregnancy center in our home town.  We also have plans to make bags for the Refuge House a shelter for batter women, pillowcases for the pillowcase challenge and tie pillows also for the refuge house.  If we get all of that done I will be surprise and impressed.    I can't image what else we will find to get into.


Published Sun, Aug 28 2011 4:59 PM by Robin