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July 2011 - Posts

I am happy and thankful to be home for the National FCCLA meeting in Anaheim, CA.   The trip was really very good but tiring.

We were blessed to have smooth air travel and cool temperatures the whole week.   California is a beautiful place to visit, but the time difference gets me every time. (No pun intended)  My students loved every minute and was absolutely the best.   We even an a city bus adventure that was a little iffy, but they handled it like seasoned professionals.     

I guess I should explain why a teacher would spend a week of her summer taking students across the country.   As sponsor of an FCCLA chapter, I help students compete in various events like Fashion Construction, Community Service for Children, Entrepreneurship and so forth.    I had 6 students win the right to represent the state of Florida at the national convention, which was held in Anaheim, Ca.   So we worked all summer raising the money to attend the conference so they could compete.   I was blessed that by husband and two parents also accompany us and helped with all of the details. 

We arrived in Cali on Saturday and left the following Thursday.  One student who is a state officer disappeared to the land of never ending duties and we went off to discover what there was to see.   We went to Disneyland, Huntington Beach and ate at a lot of fun places.   We manage to squish in attending various conference meetings, exhibits and workshops.  But the highlight of the trip was the awards ceremony, which unfortunately we had to leave early.   Luckily some people were kind enough to fill in and text us the results.  All 6 competing received a rating of 90 and above, giving them Gold Medals.    This includes the two girls who made the quilts for the crisis center that I wrote about earlier this year.    The student who competed in the Fashion Construction competition with a lovely knit dress and Duck Cloth jacket combination received a perfect score.   Who said sewing was dead?

Anyway they were very happy children and I am a very tired and happy teacher.


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