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What Teachers Do in The Summer

 The children left last Friday and so did I...

For a week long mission trip to Mashualville, MS.   Me and my 2 dd (16 and 20) headed out right after school and made it to Mobile, AL before calling it a day.  We arrived in Mashualville, Ms   We worked with kids who were improvished in spirit as well as lifestyle for a whole week.   I thought my heart would break on Friday when we left knowing that these kids could not leave the life they were given at this time.  The ladies at the day camp was a precious as the children.  Working everyday in the heat with no air conditioner to provide a two healthy meals and a safe place for the children to be during the day.   The children ranged in ages 3 to 18 and created and cared for each other like brother and sisters.  

Perhaps the one of the most poignant lessons for my daughters was to see plain old racial hate out in the open not camouflage by the niceness of society norms.   My girls have lived in the south all of their lives and been expose to unkind comments about people.  But in this case they actually witness unkind acts birth out of hate for another persons based on skin tone.   Fortunately they found this to be a prayer project that would probably continue the rest of their lives. 

We also worked with the Choctaw Indians.   Again the seeds of hate stood between us and them.  Fortunately by the end of the week there were seeds of hope planted by the children with us.   

We were joined in this adventure by a beautiful dance team from Cartersville, Ga., called Steps of Faith.  We were truly blessed by these wonderful young ladies their talent and spirit.   There adult leaders were a blessing to those of us, who were trying to lead when we had never been on a mission trip ourselves.

Anyway I'm home now and dividing my days between school (remodeling), quilting, housework and gardening.


Published Tue, Jun 14 2011 6:33 AM by Robin