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All play and no work!!!!

I guess I've been playing with my quilting to much!!!!  (If that's possible)  Because I am way behind on silly things like writing lesson plans, grading papers and such!

Or perhaps it has more to do with almost two weeks of state mandated testing, a week of travel to take the kids to a conference, another week of traveling for the school. I'm not sure were all my free time is suppose to be.  

But no more complaining, it sounds like I don't like teaching.  When the truth is I don't like it most days,  I LOVE IT.   Helping teenagers set and reach goals is a fabulous way to spend the day.  They're so funny when they use their imagination to create the unlimited project or idea and go for it.  As you watch them gain the confidence to do that I always gain confidence it myself.  My only wish is I had time to get all of them to see their potential.

Congrats by the way to my student who became a teen mom in her junior year, finish high school despise the lies that her family told her.  Last week graduated from the local community college with her professional credentials to work in a license daycare, called an ECPC here in Florida.   Way to go Dimesha, I'm proud of you.

They are truly apart of my life quilt.


I made her this quilt when she graduated from high school.   Purple is to remind her she is a member of the royal family.  


Published Sun, May 8 2011 6:18 AM by Robin