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As the end of the school year is rapidly approaching the pace is ever so accelerated.  The seniors test and leave this week and are "freaking out" because of all the work there is to do.  Amazing!  If they had done it when it was given it would be so stressful.   Freshman can't believe we are still working, they have finished state testing and are confused since semester and final exams seem to be Greek words to them. 

Although the year is rapidly ending the new year is beginning with planning already way into full steam for the upcoming year.  I look at all of this activity and wonder what the teacher of the one room school house would think.

I'm currently reading a book titled "A Thread that Runs So True".  It is the story of Jesse Stuart's life as a teacher.   I am amazing at how the writing of his life dating back to the early 30's sounds and awful lot like mine.  There's budget cuts, teachers being paid low wages compare to the challenge their asked to take.  and school district with personal issues weighing the decisions instead of the best interest of the children.

So what does this have to do with quilting.  Not much except that because of the time I spend listening to the hum of my machine, rubbing fabric between my fingers and learning to balance time between two passions I find a quite sort of peace that is a rare commodity in these times. 

So let me go organize assignments and finals, so I can quilt a block or two.



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These are two of the quilts that my students made for the pregnancy center in our home town.  They actually made five.  This was part of their project for state competition and their now headed to nationals.   Fundraising ideas anyone??????

I am very proud of them they also did puppet shows at the local school and celebration.  They made 250 plus puppets to giveaway after the show.

They also knitted some little tiny baby hats.   I made the one below.

I guess I've been playing with my quilting to much!!!!  (If that's possible)  Because I am way behind on silly things like writing lesson plans, grading papers and such!

Or perhaps it has more to do with almost two weeks of state mandated testing, a week of travel to take the kids to a conference, another week of traveling for the school. I'm not sure were all my free time is suppose to be.  

But no more complaining, it sounds like I don't like teaching.  When the truth is I don't like it most days,  I LOVE IT.   Helping teenagers set and reach goals is a fabulous way to spend the day.  They're so funny when they use their imagination to create the unlimited project or idea and go for it.  As you watch them gain the confidence to do that I always gain confidence it myself.  My only wish is I had time to get all of them to see their potential.

Congrats by the way to my student who became a teen mom in her junior year, finish high school despise the lies that her family told her.  Last week graduated from the local community college with her professional credentials to work in a license daycare, called an ECPC here in Florida.   Way to go Dimesha, I'm proud of you.

They are truly apart of my life quilt.


I made her this quilt when she graduated from high school.   Purple is to remind her she is a member of the royal family.  


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Seems that I just posted the last blog.   I can't believe how fast May came.  I always heard adults say " The year goes so fast." and never understood that until now.  As a 40 something year old woman I now understand what they were talking about.   May came in so quietly as I rushed around getting the students ready for this and that.  The girls collected 10 quilts for the Pregnancy Center.  

This is their display board from state competition.  They came in second and get to go to the National Conference to represent Florida FCCLA.  I was very proud since  this is their third year and they worked primarily by themselves.  In addition to the quilts they made over 250 puppets and did puppet shows for 172 kids. 

So perhaps the the older time passes so fast when we are older because we are so busy teaching the younger to fill a spot in the world in which they live.

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