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January 2011 - Posts

I love to write. But what do I say?????

Quilting is my calm in the storm.  In the million of things that pull me every other day quilting, reading about quilting and looking at quilts remind me of the things I think are really important; people, relationships, history and life.

This year in addition to teaching, mothering, wifing and all those other titles woman take on I hope to finish putting together my oldest daughter's quilt, Grandma's Flower Garden.  I'm been working on it a while but, it has not been the primary project.  Watch the gallery for growth.

Additionally, I have several teen moms graduating that I plan to make a lap quilt for.  Most of which I have taught for three years, talk about relationship.  Helping children have and raise children, while graduating high school.  Whew the fights, tears and love we share.

2011 is off to a start and I have big plans.

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