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So, my dad brought home a few sewing machines that he found while at work, as well as a serger.  the only problem is non of them came with the manuals.   any thoughts on how i can learn about these machines? ya i know just do a search but i have and i think im doing something wrong cause i cant find a thing.

This is what im currently using..

and these are what my dad brought me.



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Quilting Goals
i though it would be a good idea to post...
I've been sew busy

this weekend the kids were at there dads (and from what they told me they had a great Easter YAY!) here are a few pics there dad send me...  so fun even though the weather was not the best. it rained all weekend .

anyways, since i had some me time i played with and learned a few new things in EQ7. check out a few of my designs. some of the designs are using fabric collections from Connecting Threads and other i just colored in.  ok, so i have way to much fun playing in EQ7.  i just love that program now that i know what i can do with it. the only problem i see now is that I'm gong to be designing and not sewing or done anything else for that matter.

and lastly i make a swaddle blanket for a friends baby shower and im just about finished with a quilt top. Im not sure if i can give it away, might have to keep it i just love how fun and bright it is.  

 what do you think??? its my first ever non-quilt project ... i think i did great still not the best but it can to used and ya that all that matters right?


 and here it is wrapped i think the baby its for will love it. well i hope anyways.

I just need to add the borders and I'm done, its make using the Jelly roll 1600 pattern. its smaller then the ones on the blog i only used one Jelly Roll that had 25 strips vs a 40 strip roll. and i didn't sew the strips on the diagonal, i just love this look its so fun and man, its fast !!!! I'm going to cut but some fat quarters that i have and make each one of my kids one of these. 


And now i must get back to doing homework  YUCK !! but school i just about out for summer and I can't wait.

quilt top finished

here is one of the quilt tops that i have finished the rest should be finished tomorrow so more pics to come. and then on to getting this completely finished. two are for gifts and two I'm hoping to sell since my husband just lost is job. sigh...

this quilt top was so fast and fun to make I'm going to use this pattern again i know it. the squares are 5ins (charm packs sized) most everything used for this quilt i use a charm pack with. just needed a bit of yardage for the boarders. i bought the fabric and pattern from Connecting Thread.

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well here's quilt 2

Here's quilt 2 well the beginning of it anyways. and i see what you mean about fudging the pieces around a bit to make the seems match.

UGH what a day its been, Jay just was pushing my buttons about 10 times more then normal today, and wow Im beat, However even with Jay acting up i think we had a great day over all, no bones were broken and only a few small things were broken today YAYAY.  the bad news our XBox remote was killed by jay and is now in about 10 pieces and then mean no TV for any of us. :( i was so looking foward to zone out to some movie tonight, guess not oh well thats OK more time to quilt LOL YES !!!!


IT's DONE !!!

It's done, yes finally its finished i cant believe it LOL. My very first quilt is finished. it being my very first one i just love it although i cant wait to see how my next one comes out since i know i bit more, and i have a basic idea of what im doing. pics of my second one will soon get posted.

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Its getting there ....

Here are two pics of my DD quilt.

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Tinker Bell Quilt

Here is my very first quilt its still not finished but i had to show it off anyways.

Here are the fabrics Im using
and below is the main area of the top panel. As well as my two kids and myself. I know it's not perfect but Im so proud of it. Oh and sorry about the weird spot on the quilt i was editing it and hit something and well cant figure out how to undo it.

not a quilt but i had to share.

so i know its not a quilt but i just had to share it My daughter and i are just so proud of this little purse.  she picked out the fabric and helped a bit i finished it right before we headed out for friday night no dishes dinner (going out to eat) with my family and my parents, Anyways, she couldn't stop looking at it and showing it off to everyone. well after a fast stop to wal-mart, is there ever a fast trip to wal-mart?, i came home to find my kids and John eating chocolate bars. you can see some of them on her face LOL.

My Favorite Quilting sites
Of couse QCA Conneccting Threads All People...
Hello Quilting world
Hi all this is my very first post on my quilting blog. i have big plans and hope you enjoy your time here. Adele