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sewing machines

So, my dad brought home a few sewing machines that he found while at work, as well as a serger.  the only problem is non of them came with the manuals.   any thoughts on how i can learn about these machines? ya i know just do a search but i have and i think im doing something wrong cause i cant find a thing.

This is what im currently using..

and these are what my dad brought me.



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Quilting Goals
i though it would be a good idea to post...
I've been sew busy

this weekend the kids were at there dads (and from what they told me they had a great Easter YAY!) here are a few pics there dad send me...  so fun even though the weather was not the best. it rained all weekend .

anyways, since i had some me time i played with and learned a few new things in EQ7. check out a few of my designs. some of the designs are using fabric collections from Connecting Threads and other i just colored in.  ok, so i have way to much fun playing in EQ7.  i just love that program now that i know what i can do with it. the only problem i see now is that I'm gong to be designing and not sewing or done anything else for that matter.

and lastly i make a swaddle blanket for a friends baby shower and im just about finished with a quilt top. Im not sure if i can give it away, might have to keep it i just love how fun and bright it is.  

 what do you think??? its my first ever non-quilt project ... i think i did great still not the best but it can to used and ya that all that matters right?


 and here it is wrapped i think the baby its for will love it. well i hope anyways.

I just need to add the borders and I'm done, its make using the Jelly roll 1600 pattern. its smaller then the ones on the blog i only used one Jelly Roll that had 25 strips vs a 40 strip roll. and i didn't sew the strips on the diagonal, i just love this look its so fun and man, its fast !!!! I'm going to cut but some fat quarters that i have and make each one of my kids one of these. 


And now i must get back to doing homework  YUCK !! but school i just about out for summer and I can't wait.