The Quilter's Cave

Notes to myself and anyone else who is interested.

Post Number 3


I have to head for bed early tonight so I can get up and make the coffee early tomorrow morning for the early gathers in the coffee shop at work.  The Saturday morning crowd is just way too much fun.  Everyone’s up and excited about getting on with the weekend.  And now in Iowa the weather is cooperating for warm sunny days.  Man the wind was blowing today.


Hubby and I reworked the front border landscape.  Reset the pavers in sand and added pebbles.  The color really goes well with the new deck and driveway.  Have to purchase a few more bags of pebbles.  Rocks just don’t go as far as you would think.  We just got back home from a 2 mile walk with the dog. Great evening, but windy.   My ears are cold.

Tomorrow includes some more yard work, not much, just finishing touches and planting cannas.  I have got to send an email to my girlfriend who I’m visiting next week in Minneapolis. 

I entered my cave this morning before going to work.  Oh to be sitting and listening to radio and listening to the hum of the machine.  There’s nothing so soothing.  Hope to be there on Sunday.

I’m finding the site is very interesting the more time I spend on it.  That’s good, something had to get me away from Facebook.

Blessings and Sweet Dreams.