The Quilter's Cave

Notes to myself and anyone else who is interested.

My 2nd Post

I have to admit as soon as I sat down at the computer I had to check my Facebook.  Facebook had been so much fun for me this past year.  We had our 25th class reunion (when did I get that old) last year and prior to the event we started celebrating on Facebook.  It was so much fun to get reconnected with everyone again.  I wish when I was in high school I could have seen everyone as I see them now.  Being a teenager was not much fun for me.  Unfortunately by the time I'm reconnecting with them again we're all over the country.  So like I said, Facebook has been so much fun.

Last night I was going to get to my sewing room and work on my weaver fever.  I taught a workshop on that last weekend and had a great time doing so.  I have always loved that pattern since the first time I saw it.  Unfortunately I've had trouble understanding the concept.  Then I attended a retreat and have finished my own.  This year I found my pattern book again and some great fabric on the clearance shelf during a shop hop and I had to do this again. 

This time I'm doing the Four-ver and found some errors in the pattern.  Especially when trying to make the floating borders.  But from there I was asked to teach a class.  There were only 2 students, but that allowed me to do some great one on one help and explanations.  But whenever I am teaching I am having fun.  I love teaching quilting and my tips and tricks. 

Now those tips and tricks aren't anything new, but just what works for me.  I hope to get more pictures from my cave and what works for me.  It might be helpful to some. 

But that is the dream, to open my own quilt store or find the money to successfully open one and do it right.  I wouldn't want to just build the business but open as if I've been there the whole time and with all the bells and whistles.  Oh and a slush fund to last for the first 5 years.  It's the dream.  And then the location would have to be large enough for a workshop and no-frills sleeping accommodations.  Sort of like if you were at a church camp but with private showers and bathrooms. 

Well enough of dreaming for me this afternoon.  Time to get back in my cave.