The Quilter's Cave

Notes to myself and anyone else who is interested.

Greetings from the Cave

To Blog or Not To Blog - This is my first time at trying to blog.  At present I'm not sure how far I'm going to take this but it's a start.

To explain the cave to you - it's my own corner of the basement of our house.  Over the winter I was cleaning the basement  and moved my sewing area from one corner to the opposite corner.  I now have actual natural lighting from 2 small windows.  I still need to finish the ceiling tile and the electrician needs to come back to finish installing lights.  I am very excited to get this space completed and am enjoying the new location.

By beginning this blog I am hoping to find a central location where I can collect and organize my quilting thoughts.  I'm thinking that by having this blog I will be able to access this information when I am away from home.  It never fails, I'm shopping and find the perfect fabric or pattern and can't remember a detail.  Wouldn't it be great to access this info from my phone and not have to carry my notebooks with me?  Is this something I'll be able to accomplish?  Who knows?  But it's a plan and I'm hoping to get it off the ground and flying.

Now if you are expecting perfect spelling and grammer than this IS NOT the blog for you.  I am here to have fun and not have to worry if my fingers have correctly landed on the correct letter on my keyboard.  Most of the time I'll be writing in the dark (middle of the night) so it's totally luck if a word is spelled right.  I always enjoy a good laugh and can't stand people who constantly critize and point out the negative in ife. 

It's time to post this and call my first posting done.  Then get back to the Cave and see what needs to be done to get ready for my next time of sewing.