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April 2010 - Posts

Post No 4


Today is my day, my birthday.  I began the day with Vanilla Butter crème coffee, a huge gooey caramel cinnamon roll for brunch, a large chocolate malt from Burger King to celebrate being off work for the drive home, DQ Buster Bars from Mom, sister in law and niece and husband.  Looking forward to the Coconut Crème Cake that Mom made for me with chocolate sauce on the side.  My one day a year to be bad bad bad, but it tastes so good good good.

Last night before going to sleep I was all snuggled into bed.  My husband came in to say good night because I had to get up at 4 a.m. to get to work.  The dog came in a snuggled up next to me.  So he’s standing there just looking at me and I said, “What!?”  He replied, “Just looking because it’s the last time I’ll have a 48 year old in bed with me.”  Me – “Any more comments like that, and there won’t be a 49 year old either.”  Oh he’s a good one – he’s got the best humor for when I’m having down days. 

You know, I never did make it to my cave yesterday for sewing.  I knew I had to get to bed early to get up early so I started drinking my green tea and reading Jennifer Chiaverini’s The Quilter’s Homecoming.  I got to the part where she traded her quilts for necessities and I’m like girl what are you thinking?  But I could so relate to what she must have felt giving up a family quilt.  I don’t have very many family quilts but they are probably more valuable to me then my beautiful fabric planned ones.  Yeah they won’t get top dollar at any antique auction, but to me they’re priceless. 

Friends came in for coffee today and we were talking about what my husband said to me last night.  After the laughs I mentioned that 30 didn’t bother me and I was afraid that 40 would, but it didn’t and I really like me know so I don’t think that 50’s gonna bug me either.  Except that I haven’t made as many quilts as I thought I would have by now, years ago.  But I’ve done so many other things that I never thought I would so it’s all good.  It’s all good.



Post Number 3


I have to head for bed early tonight so I can get up and make the coffee early tomorrow morning for the early gathers in the coffee shop at work.  The Saturday morning crowd is just way too much fun.  Everyone’s up and excited about getting on with the weekend.  And now in Iowa the weather is cooperating for warm sunny days.  Man the wind was blowing today.


Hubby and I reworked the front border landscape.  Reset the pavers in sand and added pebbles.  The color really goes well with the new deck and driveway.  Have to purchase a few more bags of pebbles.  Rocks just don’t go as far as you would think.  We just got back home from a 2 mile walk with the dog. Great evening, but windy.   My ears are cold.

Tomorrow includes some more yard work, not much, just finishing touches and planting cannas.  I have got to send an email to my girlfriend who I’m visiting next week in Minneapolis. 

I entered my cave this morning before going to work.  Oh to be sitting and listening to radio and listening to the hum of the machine.  There’s nothing so soothing.  Hope to be there on Sunday.

I’m finding the site is very interesting the more time I spend on it.  That’s good, something had to get me away from Facebook.

Blessings and Sweet Dreams.

Fractured Glass Jacket

Fractured Glass Jacket

Show and Tells from the Cave

This was a challenge project among girlfriends.  We chose a pattern we all like and then made the challenge to have it finished by the next retreat we would attend together.  I love this technique and have taught classes on it.  It's very fun to do.  So here's some more pictures of this project.

 Fractured Glass Jacket - backFractured Glass Jacket - Inside

Drunkard's Path

Show and Tells From the Cave

This is one of my favorite wall quilts.  I found this for $5.00 in a used clothing store.  It was just the top, like a summer quilt.  One of the blocks had a bad stain so I moved it from the center to the corner and worked at getting the spot out.  A qirlfriend quilted it for me and I used binding from my fabric stash.  I think I ended up spending about $60.00 when all said and done. 

I sure miss my friend Linda.  She's gone to be with the quilting angels in heaven now, but I'm glad she has quilted so many of my quilts. 

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My 2010 UFO Listing for Fort Dodge Area Quilt Guild
UFO Size Description Memo Date Finished Given To
1 Wall Hanging Lewis and Clark 0 Ocean Waves Hancock
2 Table Runner Stain Glass 6 block
3 Table Runner Stain Glass 4 block 
4 Redesigned Cheater Blocks - Pink
5 Wall Hanging Amish Sewers Alphabet
6 King Denver Log Cabin Hancock
7 Wall Hanging New Quilts - Old Friends Gervais
8 Wall Hanging Shade Cascade
9 Queen Twin and Berry Hancock
10 Lap 2009 Jan. Charity Blocks with Stars Guild
11 Lap Repeating Cross Hancock
12 Table Runner Yipes Stripes - Mom Hancock
13 Table Runner Yipes Stripes - Carol Hancock
14 Table Runner Yipes Stripes - Kristi Hancock
15 Wall Hanging Reflections
16 Lap Square Dance Super Bowl
17 Lap Poinsettia Bricks Super Bowl
18 Lap Roni's Woven Blocks - Christmas Super Bowl
19 Table Runner Cleopatra's Fan Char
20 Table Runner Roni's Woven Blocks - Apple Super Bowl
21 Table Runner Roni's Woven Blocks - Pink/Green Super Bowl
22 Table Runner Roni's Woven Blocks - Touqu/Green Super Bowl
23 Full One Block Wonder
24 Full Thimbleberries - Rod's Millennium Hand quilting
25 Hand Pieced Hexagons
26 Paper Pieced Light House BOM
27 Paper Pieced Hosanna  Kitchen Quilt
28 Lap Roni's Bible Study - 8 " blocks BOM
29 Full Roni's Bible Study - 12 " blocks BOM
My 2nd Post

I have to admit as soon as I sat down at the computer I had to check my Facebook.  Facebook had been so much fun for me this past year.  We had our 25th class reunion (when did I get that old) last year and prior to the event we started celebrating on Facebook.  It was so much fun to get reconnected with everyone again.  I wish when I was in high school I could have seen everyone as I see them now.  Being a teenager was not much fun for me.  Unfortunately by the time I'm reconnecting with them again we're all over the country.  So like I said, Facebook has been so much fun.

Last night I was going to get to my sewing room and work on my weaver fever.  I taught a workshop on that last weekend and had a great time doing so.  I have always loved that pattern since the first time I saw it.  Unfortunately I've had trouble understanding the concept.  Then I attended a retreat and have finished my own.  This year I found my pattern book again and some great fabric on the clearance shelf during a shop hop and I had to do this again. 

This time I'm doing the Four-ver and found some errors in the pattern.  Especially when trying to make the floating borders.  But from there I was asked to teach a class.  There were only 2 students, but that allowed me to do some great one on one help and explanations.  But whenever I am teaching I am having fun.  I love teaching quilting and my tips and tricks. 

Now those tips and tricks aren't anything new, but just what works for me.  I hope to get more pictures from my cave and what works for me.  It might be helpful to some. 

But that is the dream, to open my own quilt store or find the money to successfully open one and do it right.  I wouldn't want to just build the business but open as if I've been there the whole time and with all the bells and whistles.  Oh and a slush fund to last for the first 5 years.  It's the dream.  And then the location would have to be large enough for a workshop and no-frills sleeping accommodations.  Sort of like if you were at a church camp but with private showers and bathrooms. 

Well enough of dreaming for me this afternoon.  Time to get back in my cave.





Fall Table Runner - Other Color Ways

Pledge of AllegenceShow and Tells from the Cave

These are the same Fall Table runner in another color way.

 I Pledge Allegence




Sewing Notions


Sewing Notions

Fall Table Runner

Fall Table Runner

Show and Tells from the Cave

This was completed at my first ever quilt retreat.  It was a Hancock Fabric retreat.  The designer was Lola Hendrickson.  We did several of her designs at that retreat.  My quilting skills were pretty shaky since I was rather nervous at that retreat and trying to get alot done in a limited amount of time.  But it was very fun and I met some great new friends, who I still call friends even though we don't see each other often enough.

2009 Guild Challenge

2009 Guild ChallengeShow and Tells From the Cave

This was a fun challenge for our quild.  We each brought 1 yard of fabric.  We were divided into groups according to if our fabrics were brights or pastels.  We sat in a circle.  We tore our yard of fabric in half down the middle on the widest side.  We kept 1/2 yard and passed the other to the person on our right.  From the 1/2 yard we received from the person on our left, we again tore it down the middle on the widest side.  Again keeping 1/2 and passing 1/2 to the right.  We continued in the process until all we received was a rectange about the size of 4x6. 

We were told to add only 2 additional fabrics from our stash to complete a childs quilt to be given to charity. 

I tried to follow instructions and added the dark and light blue strips that borders the large restanges of prints.  I did have one of the fabrics in my stash at home so I was able to use that up as well.  So I cheated a bit, but I wasn't introducing a new fabric pattern.


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Bargello Waving Flag

Bargello Waving FlagShow and Tells from the Cave

This bargello was a quilt as you go quilt.  It wasn't my most favorite project but I think that was because the instructions weren't the easiest to follow and it was a bit bulky in the sewing machine.  The good news is that I got it done.  This was begun at a Hancock Fabrics Quilt Retreat.  I can't locate the orginal pattern any longer.  I felt like such a Betsy Ross.

Winter Star

Winter Star

Show and Tells from the Cave

This was am 18" pillow top that was made from 4 fat quarters at a Hancock Fabric Quilt Retreat.  I finally finished it up with machine quilting.  The center was quilted using my embroidery machine.  I was really pleased with how it turned out.  Hope to use that machine more often now.

Twisting Star Candle Mat
Show and Tells from the Cave I bought this...
Greetings from the Cave

To Blog or Not To Blog - This is my first time at trying to blog.  At present I'm not sure how far I'm going to take this but it's a start.

To explain the cave to you - it's my own corner of the basement of our house.  Over the winter I was cleaning the basement  and moved my sewing area from one corner to the opposite corner.  I now have actual natural lighting from 2 small windows.  I still need to finish the ceiling tile and the electrician needs to come back to finish installing lights.  I am very excited to get this space completed and am enjoying the new location.

By beginning this blog I am hoping to find a central location where I can collect and organize my quilting thoughts.  I'm thinking that by having this blog I will be able to access this information when I am away from home.  It never fails, I'm shopping and find the perfect fabric or pattern and can't remember a detail.  Wouldn't it be great to access this info from my phone and not have to carry my notebooks with me?  Is this something I'll be able to accomplish?  Who knows?  But it's a plan and I'm hoping to get it off the ground and flying.

Now if you are expecting perfect spelling and grammer than this IS NOT the blog for you.  I am here to have fun and not have to worry if my fingers have correctly landed on the correct letter on my keyboard.  Most of the time I'll be writing in the dark (middle of the night) so it's totally luck if a word is spelled right.  I always enjoy a good laugh and can't stand people who constantly critize and point out the negative in ife. 

It's time to post this and call my first posting done.  Then get back to the Cave and see what needs to be done to get ready for my next time of sewing.