Ok, I'm taking the day off from brainstorming!  My eyes are crossed!!  I think I just might actually clean today instead of work on the festival....Might make a call to the events coordinator and touch base and that's all for the day! I'm still on vacation dang it!!  Who's idea was this again?? lol  But keep me in mind if yall have any ideas on the show.   I think we're going to have an "Outlaw Quilt Challenge" for the big event and see what kind of great unique cutting edge quilts we get!  I know I have to get on the ball with organizing and deciding on dates...I will find out what kind of footage we have to work with today so I'll know how many quilts we can actually exhibit and show. 


Thanks for all the support quilters! yall are as close of a family as my biker friends are!  Kewlies!

Hello quilting land!  My name is Giddy and I've taken on a new task this year that I truly need everyone's advice and suggestions on!!!  HELP!...sooooo the Chamber of Commerce and Events Coordinator at our new Civic Center 'noticed' me at several functions and fundraisers.  They asked me to co-chair a quilt show at the Civic Center...so me, being the Texan that I am, do absolutely nothing small!  I have brianstormed all week on this and here's my game plan.  I want to start a non-profit organization who's mission is to promote the growth of young quilters through scholarships as well as promote quilters through education, exposure, and providing a forum for the public to see the art of quilting.  I also want to work with the Historical Society in getting a database created to document and record heirloom quilts from our regional area. 


Here's just the top of the list of my OMG"s and issues!  First, what kind of salary do I consider for myself?  This will take me every last day of the 9 months I have to pull the first one off on October 22-23.  Second, we are a very small community about an hour north of Houston, so I want the show to start off basic and small.  What catagories would be the best to pull in more entries?  Also, Dusty Farrell (yeah!) talked to me today and wants to teach or do a demo and maybe be the keynote speaker at the Awards Banquet which I am just elated over!  He suggested that since it's shortly before the Intl Market and Fest in Houston I need to use this to my advantage that lots of companies will already be in the area preparing for that and that I really need to have a theme thats unique to attract quilters and vendors interest. 

This is what we came up with:  Cleveland Cover Up - An Outlaw Quilters Dream!  What do ya think?  We're a small town riddled with gossip and scandals! lol and some friends and I started a group on facebook called the outlaw quilters and they both just fit. 


Ok, next question:  I want to do an Outlaw Quilt Challenge.  Any suggestions on themes and requirements?

Lord, I'm rambling on and on....so much work! I need an assistant.  Think I might go up to the high school tomorrow and see if there's a willing student from FFA or FHA to volunteer to help me...OK....thanks for taking the time to read this and sorry for the length!