Ok I will breathe!

Ok, I'm taking the day off from brainstorming!  My eyes are crossed!!  I think I just might actually clean today instead of work on the festival....Might make a call to the events coordinator and touch base and that's all for the day! I'm still on vacation dang it!!  Who's idea was this again?? lol  But keep me in mind if yall have any ideas on the show.   I think we're going to have an "Outlaw Quilt Challenge" for the big event and see what kind of great unique cutting edge quilts we get!  I know I have to get on the ball with organizing and deciding on dates...I will find out what kind of footage we have to work with today so I'll know how many quilts we can actually exhibit and show. 


Thanks for all the support quilters! yall are as close of a family as my biker friends are!  Kewlies!