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Hi, I just joined  this sight the other night.  I don't belong to any local quilt group. I live in a pretty rural area and there are a couple groups but I don't know where they meet. Currently I am working on a few quilts. One is a raffle quilt for my niece who was just diagnosed with leukemia (it is almost done just needs to be quilted).  The second I have been working on for over a year and it just isn't coming out right and that is the "FAMILY TREE QUILT".  I just can not get the trunk to look right the branches and leaves look great.  Then there are the 6 little snuggy quilts for my nieces. These are just small crib size quilts that my lil nieces can cuddle on the sofa with their babies ( of course their babies have mini matching quilts).  My goal this year is to put a full size quilt in a competition at the local fair.  I have my pattern all picked out. I just need to pick out the fabric.  I hope I will have time to get it done. If not well I guess there is always next year.

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Welcome to this site.  You will really love it!  Have you seen this new stuff that crinkles (shrinks) your fabric?  I saw one post where the lady had used this for a tree trunk and it looked really good.  I bought a package of Texture Magic but haven't used it yet.  One program on Fons & Porter used it and it really gave big texture to the project.  You might investigate something like that to improve your tree trunk if you want to do it over.   Sounds like you have alot of projects going.  Keep quilting!  

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I am new to this site also.  Just joined today.

I think the Texture Magic is just what you may be looking for.  Good luck.

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Hi Rachel, I used the texture magic for a tree trunk and it worked great.   It is easy to use.  One thing I found as I was playing with it,   You sew the texture magic to a piece of fabric,  I sewed it to piece of brown.   If you sew more closely on the outsides, than in the middle, the center will bow out and give the trunk some dimension as well as texture.   Fun product.

by gini

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There's a picture in the crazy quilt group

by gini