Tracey Emin, I love you.

I'm a subscriber to the magazine Art In America and this month, there's a quilt on the cover. I couldn't dig up an image of the cover just yet — the issue just came out — but the article isĀ here and if you're a quilter and have even a passing interest in the role of the quilt beyond the bedrooms in your home, you should check it out.

Here's a sample of an Emin quilt:

The quilt was made by Tracey Emin, an artist working mostly in the UK. I admire Emin a great deal; I have for a long time. She works a lot with textiles and has made many quilts that have been hung in plenty of museums, though never in a typical quilt show. I'll warn you: These are not quilts for everyone who reads this blog. Emin incorporates words in her work, including profanity. She explores oppression, gender, and feminism, and if you get scared by those issues, she won't be for you — unless, of course, her work is designed for you. If you give Emin's quilts a chance, you may find she echoes sentiments that stir you, big time.

I'd give anything to meet Emin, which could happen someday. She runs in the art world scene and that's a tough scene to crack, but I'll be in NYC a couple times this summer and if I skulk around enough galleries, and talk ceaselessly about quilts, who knows? I could meet someone who knows her. We could exchange thread tips.


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