Quilters Take Manhattan! (NYC This Summer!!)

I think you should take a trip to Manhattan this summer. Seriously! Grab some girls and go to the Big Apple.

Why?┬áBecause New York City is the best…and we could hang out!

I mentioned this a few months ago, but it's seriously in full-swing, ticket-buying-time mode, now. The Alliance for the American Quilt is doing various benefit events this summer, including “Quilters Take Manhattan” and the special guests include (me) and (my mom and) JAY MCCARROLL! From Project Runway!! Agh! I cannot WAIT to meet him. I love his fabrics, I love his glasses, I love him, period. I am a lucky gal.

So check out more about the events happening in early August at The Alliance For the American Quilt and book some plane tickets already!


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