Calling All Spring Quilt Market Reports!

Twitter is great for a lot of things, like learning how much Justin Bieber liked the new Transformers movie or getting a dollar-off coupon for yogurt. But what it's really really great for is keeping track of goings on when you can't be part of the goings on.

I couldn't attend Spring Quilt Market this past weekend because of a performance I had in Chicago that has been on the books for over a year. I was super sad to miss it because Quilty is really starting to get noticed/loved and I wanted to get show ideas, meet new folks, see old friends, and generally enjoy the glory that is Market.

But Twitter helped keep me abreast of the show and my mom filled me in on the rest. It sounds like it was a great time in Utah. One person I follow (Alissa Haight Carlton) posted awesome pictures here. Thanks, Alissa!

If you're a shop owner or otherwise engaged in the quilting industry, I'd love to know how it went for you! Comment away — you can take more than 140 characters. :)

Oh, and follow HeyQuilty on Twitter, too!


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