I Heart Chicago — and maybe a Chicago quilt…

When the flurry of activity that I'm currently directing has calmed down, my number one priority is to quilt. I always manage to get to the sewing machine however busy I am, but you heard it here first: Starting in May, you'll be seeing some tremendous production coming out of my sewing room. It's time to get real busy.

You know that feeling, right? That you're on the verge of serious creativity? Yeah, me too.

One of the quilts on my list to start sketching out is a Chicago quilt. When I searched online for any quilts that had anything to do with my adopted hometown, I came up with not very much. Sure, there's a Windy City block, and the World's Fair that was here in 1893-ish was the inspiration for a number of designs and beautiful quilts. But there isn't anything I could find online so far that was definitively Chicago.

So I got to thinking… The Chicago flag is pretty gorgeous. Wouldn't this be a gorgeous quilt? I'm not into gimmicks and I'm not into logos or sports teams or any of that, but there's something about this flag of the city that is just saying to me, “I should probably be worked out in patchwork and put on your bed.”

Thoughts? Images of the Chicago flag are right here.


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