To Bee or Not to Bee?

So I got a question for you…

Are you familiar with cutting bees? Cutting bees are like quilting bees, only instead of gathering around a big frame and quilting with your girls, you all bring scraps and fabric, and cut out your individual quilts (or strips) together.

It sounds amazing, right?

I think so, and I'm going to have one soon. But that's what I want to ask you all about. If you have thoughts or answers to these questions, let me know!

- Afternoon or evening?
- Wine? (Remember, rotary cutters are involved…)
- How much fabric should a person be required to bring? (Beginning quilters don't always have a ton of fabric, you know…)
- Should there be a specific quilt we cut out together? More advanced quilters can take strips home and go nuts, but for beginners, it might be best to do the same project…
- What's a good number? 6? 10?
- Is there a better name than “cutting bee”?

Thanks, gals!


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