What Are You Doing In August?

I don't know about y'all, but it is fuh-REEZING in Chicago.

Literally subzero temperatures and the mountains of graying, sludgy snow covering the entire city have got me thinking about things like:

- skirts
- sandals
- sunshine
- sandwiches that don't freeze before they reach my mouth

Those things all start with the letter “s”, incidentally. And though there are months to go before any of these concepts are remotely possible, I'm already looking forward to them by way of a very cool event happening in NYC this summer.

On August 6th, The Alliance for the American Quilt will be hosting a super cool event at the American Folkart Museum. My mom, Mark Lipinski, and Jodie Davis will all be there, there will be giveaways, fun stuff to do, and of course many deliciously beautiful quilts to view. And I'm giving a special talk!

The coolest thing for me is that August 6th is my birthday. I'll be able to spend it among quilters and family this year — how cool is that?

This isn't the official announcement — it's a mock-up sent my way. So make sure to check out all the details as they are confirmed at the Alliance's website. But hey, if you're stuck in the snow wherever you are and thinking of summer plans, come to NYC! I'd love to see you — I'll be the one in the skirt and sandals, eating a sandwich.


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