Oh, Anthropologie. You're Missing The Point.

Do you all know Anthropologie?

If you don't happen to live in a largish city, you might not know of Anthropologie, though I spent the first 17 years of my life in a very small town and knew all about Christian Dior and wanted to vacation in Barbados someday; just because you live in a small town doesn't mean you don't know about things.

Anthropologie isn't as glamourous as Christian Dior or Barbados, but it is a clothing/home/lifestyle chain that exists in larger markets like Chicago and I have to admit, I've given them some of my money in exchange for teacups, apron dresses, unique boots, and the odd drawer pull.

But I draw the line at quilts.

I was in Anthropologie the other day — and yes, I know I just blogged about fake quilts the other day but this is different, I swear — ¬†and I noticed more fake quilts than I had seen there in the past. I had come in for one thing and one thing only: a shower curtain. They have nice ones. But there were so many fake quilts and I thought, “Anthropologie! You are so missing the point!”

They're a lifestyle store that wants to sell this homemade, hand-dyed, hearth-spun existence — or the idea of it, anyway. There are lots of twigs and birds and eggshell-colored bedskirts, if you get the idea. They purportedly believe that this is the way to happiness, so why don't they sell fabric?

Am I a genius? I think that I am.

They need to stop selling fake quilts and start selling sewing machines. Do you hear me, Anthropologie Powers That Be? You need to sell sewing machines and incredible fabric and then, THEN maybe I will come to you with my money more often. Because other than random things like shower curtains, I don't shop you much anymore. Your apron dresses aren't made to last and the quilts are, you know, fake.

Pretty, though.

Fake, fake, fake. But if they sold fabric...

And if they start selling fabric at Anthro, you call me. Because you heard it here first and I want freebies.


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