I'm working on my new sewing room and it's going to rock.

Things are coming together. I got a beautiful, solid oak tabletop-desktop piece off Craigslist the other day. It's a gorgeous piece and was in fine condition, but it didn't come with legs. I headed off to Home Depot and got 2 x 4′s cut for sawhorses — they'll be great legs, albeit a little rough around the edges, literally. I bought the sawhorse brackets, too, and this pretty pastel pink paint, but I forgot nails. That'll happen today. There's tons of space on the tabletop and I can't wait to pile it high with projects and scraps. I mean… I can't wait to keep it tidy.


There is a lot of Quilty prep work to do before the next taping — I'm getting very antsy to tackle it. I cannot wait for you all to see these shows… Seriously, they're getting better and better. Eee!

After I had the table situation under control, I went in search of some material for curtains, which took me to Vogue Fabrics. I really like it there — it's this old building packed with a mix of dedicated seamstresses, quilters, crafters, and a few crazy people who like to wander in and out of the aisles, which are piled high with roll upon roll (and bolt after bolt) of glorious fabric. Who knew crushed red velvet goes for $6.99 a yard?

Anyway, there was a clearance rack in the back of the store that I passed on my way out. I had purchased my curtain materials and was leaving when I saw two boxes that contained strands of Christmas light-type lights that were little quilt blocks! They were so awesome. There were only two boxes left, and I snatched them up right away. They're from That Patchwork Place, and I tried to find them online but can only locate another type of the same thing — spool lights.

Spool lights! Oh for cute.

When I got home, I learned that one of the strands doesn't work, but I think I can find a Christmas light bulb and replace it. I'm planning to hang those lights up around the window in the sewing room and enjoy a little friendly quilt-inspired glow year round.

As soon as I get it to a place that is picture worthy, I'll post shots from the new studio for sure. I love decorating. It's almost as much fun as pie!

Pie = decorating = fun = pie


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