Curved Seams? Bring it!

I'm working on a pretty cute little number right now, if I DO say so myself…

I think I'm going to take out those blackish squares... Thoughts?

The picture isn't the best, which is probably a good thing — my seams aren't AMAZING yet. You know, it takes a long time to get really good at anything worth doing well. That's what people tell me, anyway, and I've seen it to be true. I'm pretty “good” at Bikram yoga because I've been practicing many times a week for several years. Did I start out that way? Absolutely not.

It's the same with quilting. You try something new, you feel like a dummy. You try it again, you figure out what you did wrong the first time. You do it again, you learn something else, and pretty soon you're like, “Curved seams? Please! I live and breathe curved seams!”

We're teaching a curved seam block on Quilty coming up soon. When we first scheduled it, I was nervous. I just hadn't done very many curved seams in my life. But now?

Please! I live and breathe curved seams!

Note handy Fons & Porter design wall!


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