A Family Affair!

Have I mentioned how much I love my sisters?

There are two of them. Hannah lives in NYC and works as an editor of a real estate magazine. She's pretty cool. And my younger sister, Rebecca, has been working on Quilty with me since it started. It was never our plan to have the quilt business be a family affair, but when I decided that I wanted to make a quilt show for rookies online, it was clear that I needed Bix's help.

That's Rebecca's nickname. “Bix.”

And because Quilty is in the growth stage right now, I've had to rely more on Bix as we've gone along. When you film a show — quilting or otherwise — there's a lot to do. More than you would ever maybe even think… And because my sisters and I have essentially the same brain, I have the luxury of having two brains. If you've ever had a very, very busy day/week/month or said the words, “I wish there were two of me!” then you'll know how great it is to have Bix on the Quilty team.

My sister has a job she loves. She's a multi-talented girl. But when I'm working with her on set (like we were working on Sunday — see picture below and look for us on the monitor!) I feel so happy right down to my toes. It's not just that my mom quilts and I quilt. My sister does, too. Well, a little. She made a quilt for her boyfriend for Christmas, but I'm poised and ready to attack her when she decides she wants to do one for herself. I'm pretty sure she'll ask me for advice…

And as for the other sister, we'll see. She's made quilts, too. But I'm wondering if she might just be part of my entourage. I kid, I kid! Being a quilter is very exciting and fun but there aren't many with entourages. Yet. :)


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