One Man's Trash…Giveaway!

One man's trash…is another man's treasure.

Nowhere is this more true than in our circles of quilting friends and acquaintances. My homet0wn guild had a little garage sale at its April meeting. I've been looking forward to it since February! A while back I started a garage sale box, and into the box went anything in my sewing area that I wasn't attached to any more. There was quite a variety.

trash1 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

Needlebook and pincushion: cute and useful, but I have lots of these.


trash2 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

UFO center panels: these were interchangeable in the center of a long, skinny quilt in a picture frame. No longer my style.

trash3 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

More center panels, no longer useful.


trash4 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

A table runner UFO from really cool fabric—which matches nothing I own.


trash5 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

A baby quilt that appeared in Quiltmaker, now it's a UFO. I'm hesitant to get rid of this one.

trash6 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

A sample block made for a quilt design of mine that later appeared in Quiltmaker.

trash7 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

Framed photos of quilts that I found at a garage sale in Parker, Colorado years ago. No longer my style.


trash81 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

Does this really need explanation? It could a blog post all by itself. Entitled "Projects Gone Bad.'

trash9 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

Just in case the first picture wasn't scary enough, here's a detail.

I feel compelled to add here that the teacher in whose class I started this project is an amazing art quilter who does fabulous work. Her name is Pamela Allen. When she does it, it's cool. When I tried it wasn't. I think that just means you can't speak in someone else's voice—you have to find your own. This was definitely not Pamela's fault.


trash10 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

A "blended" quilt top from ages ago. Looks like mush to me. Hesitant on this one, too because I paid a small fortune for the silly kit.

So those were some of my contributions.


trash11 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

But now to the fun part! You have to see what I scored at the quilters' garage sale!

trash12 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

I'm pretty sure I missed some great stuff because I was busy taking pictures when I should have been shopping. Nevertheless, I found some treasures.


trash14 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

A perfectly awesome book by Ringle and Kerr for two dollars!

trash15 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

Really fun vintage pamphlet with 15 quilt patterns!

trash18 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

Vintage cross-stitch blocks, 4 for $1. See how great they look with some of my reproduction fabrics?

trash16 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

Three funky blocks like this for 25 cents total. Way cool fabric in the center!

trash17 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

This is my favorite of the vintage fabrics in these blocks. I love it!

trash13 One Mans Trash…Giveaway!

And the Mother Lode, the Holy Grail, the be-all-end-all Deal of the Day: 42 vintage Four Patch blocks for a whopping $1.50. That's less than four cents apiece.

Because, and here comes the best part of all, you won't believe what I made with these babies over the weekend! It's a quirky, fun Bonnie Hunter-style quilt top with a boatload of unpredictable fabrics that all tie together in the end. Stay tuned, and maybe it will show up in Quiltmaker next year.

I have started another box of quilters' garage sale goodies. Leave me a comment by midnight April 24 telling what your dream find at a quilters' garage sale would be, and I will pick a winner, who gets the entire contents of my latest box (and I promise there will be some good stuff in there).



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