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Hey, everyone!

            We're glad to be residents of blogland, and hope you'll keep an eye on our cyber chit-chat, as well as toss your own comments into the mix. We want this blog to be an extension of the craziness and creativity we are privileged to bring you in each issue of Quilter's Home. My editorial alter-ego, Jake Finch, and I (Melissa Thompson Maher) will do our best to share the quilty drumbeats we hear, as well as give you glimpses into the inner Quilter's Home world. We might even have a few guest bloggers from time to time, keeping things stirred up.

            Our mission for the magazine and the blog is just what the swirly, colorful intro art on this page claims: Life = Creativity. Quilter's Home is about how you live your creative life as someone who loves fabric, thread and self-expression. Creativity colors everything we do right down to the very way we look at the world. Pretty much wherever you go, whatever you see, whomever you meet are all inspiration for your creative life. Dang, we've even known some quilt artists to be inspired by rows of donuts on a baker's shelf! (Car pool? Well, that might depend on how many sticky granola bar wrappers you find stuffed in the seat pocket later.)




  The December-January 2010 issue just barely landed on our desks, but it seems to have unleashed the floodgates for all the gift catalogs trying to tempt us to part with our holiday dollars.












  But whaddya know? The new HearthSong 2010 has its q-priorities straight. This purveyor of cool, creative, "think-for-yourself" toys, crafts and games has  three different quilt kits and two sewing machines-one an 8-stitch function student model by Singer.

            Tough to stuff that in a stocking, but what a great gift! Two of the quilt kits are those fleece tie jobbies, but the other is a rainbow of pre-cut flannel squares to be designed and sewn into a fringe quilt however the young quilter desires.





To Market, to Market! In about 48 hours we'll hoist our bags onto the airline check-in counters and board flights to Houston, that fabri-mecca for Fall Quilt Market. Look for Quilter's Home in Booths 1838 and 1939. The lovely LaRita Godfrey can help you with subscriptions to Quilter's Home, as well as its sister pub Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting. You might also catch Mary Fons, one of our newest columnists (The Bee) and occasional guest host of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting television show with her mom, Marianne Fons.


For those not Houston-bound, keep your cursor pointed to this page. We'll bring you occasional blog posts about all the Houston action. And if you see Jake or me in the aisles, don't hesitate to stop us for a free tattoo celebrating Quilter's Home and our new blog. You know you've just gotta have one!


Quilt forth!




Hello from Quilter's Home Magazine!  Watch for more from us soon . .  .

(and until then, check out our website at QuiltersHomeMag.com!)

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