Get ready to rumble...TGIFF again!

     We believe in Fridays! It's our fave part of the week, with those luscious weekend hours stretching out ahead, some full of fun and some temptingly empty. And it's also the day we dig into our bag o' quilty fun for a Freebie to pass out.  Well, this Friday we'll be giving away a tower of Moda's Dragonfly Summer by Holly Taylor.

     Think you can come up with something cool to sew out of this?

     The name may say "summer" but we feel a transitional vibe..something that echoes the deep greens of late-summer trees and other earthy hues. Maybe a quilt to snuggle on during those last lazy days of August?

     This could be yours, Q-bies....

     ...But you're gonna have to perform, if you want a chance to win this hefty pack of fiber. We'd like to know the best excuse you've heard (or given) for a trip to the fabric store. IIt can be real or imagined...just make us laugh! (Or cry.)

     Leave your comments as a reply here or send them to our mag e-mail ( or post them on the Quitler's Home Facebook page. (What? You STILL haven't liked us? No problem...just go here, click "like" and you'll join the rest of us Q-bies.)

     We'll accept comments for the Friday Freebie giveaway contest until Friday noon, Pacific Daylight Time. Then we'll choose the best, announce the winner and share the winning comment with you. 

     P.S. Don't fret if you don't win the tower. Melissa has a nifty drink recipe to share that will ease the sting and still have you dreaming about lazy late-summer days. That'll be released on Friday, too, for everyone to enjoy!

Until later, Q-bies!


cjohnson said:

Just going to look,really don't need anything,but grandkids want to see where all those quilts start.

and of course the grandkids see some material that they would love to see in their next quilt and you can't say no to your grandkids

# April 28, 2011 3:48 PM

Anne said:

In making some of the leaf quilts I have done, I have sometimes ran out of those fun red, brilliant oranges, sunshiny yellows that make the look of actual turning leaves.  So I ask my loving husband to help me search through my stash and he discovers that I really need some more.  Merrily we drive to the local quilt store for those colors that I am missing and a little bit more!! :)

# April 28, 2011 6:16 PM