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We're moving...

Just a quickie to tell you that the Quilter's Home blog, Life = Creativity, has moved to a new home. Now we're at http://www.quiltershomemag.com/blogs/.

Why are we moving to a new location? All in search of greater functionality so we can stir up more fun for you, Q-bies! It'll have a great new look, faster connections with the Quilter's Home website and be easier to share with your q-pals who might not know about us yet. (And we do soooo love to make new friends!)

C'mon! Make the move with us. After all, our blog is one of the few places where you can find out about our giveaways, contests, Friday Freebies and other quilty nonsense. Looking forward to seeing you there!

--Jake and Melissa


Get ready to rumble...TGIFF again!

     We believe in Fridays! It's our fave part of the week, with those luscious weekend hours stretching out ahead, some full of fun and some temptingly empty. And it's also the day we dig into our bag o' quilty fun for a Freebie to pass out.  Well, this Friday we'll be giving away a tower of Moda's Dragonfly Summer by Holly Taylor.

     Think you can come up with something cool to sew out of this?

     The name may say "summer" but we feel a transitional vibe..something that echoes the deep greens of late-summer trees and other earthy hues. Maybe a quilt to snuggle on during those last lazy days of August?

     This could be yours, Q-bies....

     ...But you're gonna have to perform, if you want a chance to win this hefty pack of fiber. We'd like to know the best excuse you've heard (or given) for a trip to the fabric store. IIt can be real or imagined...just make us laugh! (Or cry.)

     Leave your comments as a reply here or send them to our mag e-mail (sayhi@quiltershomemag.com) or post them on the Quitler's Home Facebook page. (What? You STILL haven't liked us? No problem...just go here, click "like" and you'll join the rest of us Q-bies.)

     We'll accept comments for the Friday Freebie giveaway contest until Friday noon, Pacific Daylight Time. Then we'll choose the best, announce the winner and share the winning comment with you. 

     P.S. Don't fret if you don't win the tower. Melissa has a nifty drink recipe to share that will ease the sting and still have you dreaming about lazy late-summer days. That'll be released on Friday, too, for everyone to enjoy!

Until later, Q-bies!


Nope, that's not a typo. Today we start the weekend fun with a Friday Freebie, a weekly gift from Quilter's Home to you.  Now, our Friday Freebies might be anything from fun quilt patterns to great recipes to cool projects...but they're all FREE, and the links will ONLY be announced here on our blog or on our Facebook page. (Another reason to go "like" us, if you haven't already joined the Q-bie clan.)

Today's Friday Freebie is Bubblicious, a simple but fun quilt pattern by Marj Moore of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Marj teaches regularly throughout Canada, bringing decades of experience to her craft. (She's been quilting since she was 11!


Marj was the Featured Quilter at the quilt show held last week by the Moose Jaw guild. And if you've got the great good luck to be in Newfoundland in May, she'll be teaching at least three classes. And she's scheduled to present a trunk show to the Regina guild in June. Check out her blog to see more of her beautiful work and to find out what she's up to.

Click here to download your copy of Marj's Bubblicious. Can't you just see this flapping in the breeze on your porch in some sparked-up prints in springy or summery hues? Thanks, Marj! And have a great weekend, everybody!


Stripping with Eleanor

I got to watch Eleanor Burns strip Saturday.  

            Yep, the great Ms. Burns put on quite a show for those of us attending the Young Piecemakers Quilt Guild on Saturday, April 9, in Corona, California. We'll be featuring more about this incredible guild whose members are all kids in an upcoming issue of Quilter's Home, but I just had to share with you now some of  the fun we had at Eleanor's lecture.

            Eleanor, made famous the q-world over by her fun-filled personality and classic PBS series, Quilt in a Day, claims she is actually very shy. No sign of that on the floor of the Performing Arts Center at Centennial High School! And I left completely understanding why she's as popular as she is among our kind.

            Forced by a lack of stage lighting to mingle with the seated throngs instead of staying safe on the stage, Eleanor quickly made do with whatever she could get her hands on to display and demonstrate techniques from her latest book, 2nd Edition Radiant Star Quilts. And I do mean whatever. The young man who helped set up Eleanor's table (and whose name was lost in the cheering) gamely followed along with Eleanor's impromptu effort to turn him into an exotic dancer of the quilted kind. She persuaded him to throw out a few bumps and grinds as she tossed her 2 ½" strips at him. Of course, she also offered her own set of moves as well, and left us all laughing. Here's a glimpse of the q-dance action.

            Then, realizing she did not have a design board to demonstrate with, she then enlisted the same young man as the design board. That effort required the use of the gentleman's back, clothed in a solid red T-shirt, upon which sections of pieced fabric would cling while Eleanor explained her methods.


            Again, he was a great sport--God bless him!--and even when Eleanor jokingly threatened to pin the pieces to his back, he didn't flinch.  Who knew quilting could be so much fun?--Jake Finch

P.S. Don't miss the  August-September issue of Quilter's Home, where we'll share loads more about this unique guild!