the fates smile upon me!

Posted Mon, Apr 8 2013 11:53 AM by quiltcrone

Wow! I had a really great week! Last week I picked up my old New Home, Jenny, from DD1 to get me through until my poor sick Annie got back from the hospital. Well, I got Jenny all set up, plugged her in, and ... let's just say the sprit was willing, but the rest? Not so much. She had power, but was going nowhere. Noticing that I was working up a really good pout, DH stepped in and spent a couple of hours on her. Took her apart and cleaned her out, greased her up and talked sweet to her & she was working like a charm. So, I was able to finish up my strips for MQ8 then get them cut. I was ready to start the next step when the hospital called & said Annie was ready to come home! Joy! A whole week earlier than I expected, too. So after work on Friday I went to pick her up. Then, while I was standing at the counter to pay her bill, I noticed a beautiful little Featherweight sitting on the worktable back there... She had just been cleaned & tuned and looked gorgeous. Then the voices started. "You want me, don't you? C'mon, take me home. You know you want to..." Cosmetically, she was almost perfect. One little nick in the paint on the top. I think probably her foot pedal came dislodged while she was in her case & dropped on her. Works like a trooper. The case was in great shape, she had her original manual & everything! So, yes, I had to have her. She will be a great little cousin to the old treadle machine DD2 has & is waiting to restore. According to her serial number she was born in 1953. I was hoping for a '55, same vintage as me, but we can't have everything now, can we? So I went from being machineless a week ago to having 3! I think I'll name her Naomi.

Anyway, got step 3 done for MQ8 with time to spare & am eagerly awaiting the next one. Now, I've got some time to decide on my next project...