time to regroup

Posted Sun, Mar 31 2013 12:31 PM by quiltcrone

I have, I guess, an obsessive personality. When I decide to learn something new I go all out. I live, sleep, eat & breathe my chosen "thing" until I wear it out. To steal a line from one of my favorite movies, I "chew on it 'till all the flavor's gone then stick it my hair". When I decided to learn how to make my own soap and body care products, I totally devoted five years of my life to it. Not complaining, mind you. I learned a lot. And I make a pretty darn good bar of soap and face cream, etc. This led to an interest in herbal medicine, and there went another five years. Again, learned a lot, things I can really use, since I have a deep seated distrust of doctors in general. Not saying I wouldn't go to one for something really serious, but generally speaking I take care of things myself. From teas & tinctures for every possible type of discomfort to cough medicine and immune boosters, antibiotic salves to sore muscle rubs. You name it & I can probably whip it up for you. These things and all my previous excursions into the world of creative outlets have contributed to what I fondly refer to as my "hoard". At the new year I made a resolution to get rid of at least some of my stuff. You wouldn't believe some of the things I found in there! 

Among other things, there was a pretty good stash of fabric. So, thought I, What to do with all this? Oh! I've been wanting to learn to quilt forever! This is perfect! I can use this fabric, learn something new & it won't cost hardly a thing! Hah! Ever true to my nature, once I decided to learn this amazing, wonderful craft, the obsession began to set in. Already there are probably 50 quilts waiting in the wings to be made. I've signed up for Craftsy classes, read everything I could find. Every spare moment at work, real or imagined, is spent figuring out how to make a particular block or pattern or resizing one to fit a bed (have you noticed that patterns in magazines almost never are sized to fit an actual bed? Most seem to be throw, or nap sized. Nothing wrong with that, but gee, this would look great on the spare bed...). Using up my stash? Well, i DID use some of it. Made two whole quilts completely from stash fabric. Hardly made a dent. Unfortunately, I seem to have added about 80 yards of fabric plus an unknown number of fat quarters. I think I may need some help.

When MQ8 came along, I thought what fun! And it'll be a challenge - push me out of my comfort zone! I'll learn a lot. So, fabric gathered, waiting with baited breath for the first step to be announced. Cutting instructions! And, oh, what instructions. Such tiny pieces... but Glory Be! I did it. Kissed & made up with my rotary cutter and rulers (we've had a dysfunctional relationship for years. Turns out, it was all my fault.) Got all my pieces cut just in time for Step 2. Strips. Precise strips. 'K. I learned how to make an accurate scant 1/4" seam. I was really having fun with this. If I wasn't doing it, I was thinking about it. Movin' along with all those strips and havin' a ball. 2/3 of the way through, my sewing machine craps out. I took her apart & cleaned her. Twice. No good. She still won't work. So I'll be checking her into the hospital on Monday. Hopefully she'll be back soon, I don't want to get too far behind.

Having Annie quit on me like that was rough. What was I to do with the rest of my weekend? I seriously considered, just for a moment, purchasing another machine so I could keep going. Just for a moment? Hah! If it hadn't been late enough on a Saturday that any possible place to purchase a decent machine was closed I probably would have done it. But wait - Walmart is open 24 hours and they have little basic machines for under $100. Surely, that'd be ok for piecing! What a struggle ensued! In the end, common sense won out. Only because by now it was dark & I absolutely cannot see to drive in the dark. Besides, where would I put another machine? I considered starting the cutting for another quilt, but I promised myself only one project at a time (the last thing I need is another pile, of UFO's or anything else). As it is, maybe I should just use the extra time to do a chore or two around the house. DH is remarkably patient with my lapses in housekeeping. Take a deep breath. Ground. Center. You know, that concept could be worked into a quilt design...