quilt 2, part 3 solar rays in 2 corners

Posted Sat, Mar 16 2013 10:11 PM by quiltcrone

Since the freezer paper was such a bust for the center labyrinth design, I decided to try something else for the corners. I wanted a sun and rays in two opposing corners. This time I used Press n' Seal over the part of the quilt I wanted to work. Drew the design on it & stitched over it. It actually worked pretty well. Didn't create a lot of extra bulk, didn't come loose until I asked it to. Wasn't quite as easy as I imagined it would be to remove - it pulled some of the stitching. I had to use tweezers to get some of the pieces out from under the stitches.

I don't think you can see the stitching too well in the second pic (top right & bottom left as you're looking at it)... but you can get the idea. The first pic is with the Press n' Seal on the quilt, lines drawn but not stitched. I like that you can see the quilt top clearly through the plastic so when you're drawing your design you can see exactly where it will wind up.

I'm really having second thoughts about the other two corners. I was going to do a beehive design and some meander stitching with a couple of bees. I've been practicing on paper but this will require free motion work - and I am so not there yet. However, if I don't use that idea I haven't a clue what to do there.

I have come to the conclusion that until I cultivate some talent for this I should maybe stick with quilting in the ditch. I did the tiny stitch thing at the beginning & end of each piece of stitching, but I don't think it anchored any better than than a backstitch would have, and I'm betting some of it comes loose. So far I have just used my walking foot when quilting. I haven't had the courage to try FMQ on an actual quilt yet but I can see why continuous designs are preferred. Clearly my imagination is far more talented than my hands! Still, I'm having a great time trying.

Next up, the remaining two corners.  It looks so easy in my head...