Happy Discovery -Quilt Shop around the corner!

Posted Sat, Mar 2 2013 11:52 AM by quiltcrone

I guess I don't get out much. Truth be told, if I didn't have to go out to go to work I'd probably never leave home. In this day & age internet shopping is so easy... but I like to see and fondle fabrics before I purchase them. The streets around my house are all torn up & difficult to navigate right now (improvements?!). It's a lovely warm morning so I decided to take a walk. I'd driven by Cabbage Rose Quilt Shop before, but always in a hurry and never stopped. So this morning I walked to the shop to have a look around. It's a small shop in a lovely log cabin building. She has a beautiful selection of fabrics, and some quilting notions, if you're into applique or other handwork there is plenty to interest you. I know I'm supposed to be working on reducing my stash, but I purchased 10 yards of fabric while I was there. Imagine, all that lovely fabric less than half a mile from my house! There is a Joanns about 3/4 of a mile further down the road - and she doesn't carry products that Joanns does - can't compete pricewise. But what she does have is gorgeous! And I'm all for supporting local small business when I can. So if you happen to be in Mesa, AZ stop by and take a look! 260 N Dobson Rd. Now, what to do with that fabric?

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