How'd I get here?

Posted Tue, Feb 26 2013 7:26 PM by quiltcrone

I've always loved quilts. My grandmother was a quilter and her beautiful quilts are part of the childhood memories I have. I was amazed that so many tiny, disparate pieces of fabric could be brought together into such a beautiful thing, and I wanted to do that, too! Unfortunately, she died when I was still quite young and although a much loved aunt taught me some of the basics long ago & far away, quilting became a skill much coveted but relegated to the back burner of my life. 

Over the years there have been a few false starts. About a dozen years ago I made my mother a simple quilt that incorporated pictures of the family. It was returned to me when she passed away. It lives on a chair in my bedroom, never missing an opportunity to remind me how lonely it is being an only quilt. (does anyone else have conversations with their stuff? or is it just me...) 

A few years ago I decided to make another quilt.. Oh, my stars!! What a disaster that was! It was then that I learned the importance of accuracy when measuring & cutting. Seriously, nothing fit together. The remains were tossed into my UFO box and eventually tossed out. Then last year I decided to try again. Maybe a quilt-as-you-go project would be just the ticket! Then again, maybe not. There were a few flaws in my plan. First, I was going to do this all by hand. Piecing & quilting. Bad choice. I have arthritis now & I found out that handwork was not going to be part of my daily life. Second, I was using a marking pen that claimed to be water soluble to draw the quilting design on my blocks. There must be something wrong with my water because the marks refused to leave when asked. Third, I quickly discovered that a project done entirely by hand was not going to feed my need for instant gratification, or even reasonably noticeable progress. At the rate I was going this could take years. Another project left unfinished, staring accusingly at me every time I went into my "computer room". There is a computer in there... along with an embarrassingly huge collection of, uh, stuff. Sewing stuff, craft stuff, soap making stuff, herbs, oils, books. And a huge container (plus several bags & a few piles) of fabric. Mostly fat quarters. I can't help myself. Every time I go somewhere, if I see a fat quarter I have to make it mine. Just in case. You never know. Someday I'll find a use for it. Someday I'm gonna learn to quilt! (can we say hoarder?)

As the new year loomed closer the fates & my husband conspired to make it so. At Christmas, DH gifted me with an Accuquilt Go! no doubt so he would no longer have to listen to me whine about my bad relationship with my rotary cutter & ruler. And my New Year's resolution was to do away with at least part of my hoard. Honestly, I was thinking about cleaning out closets when I made that resolution, but a dent in the pile is a dent in the pile, right? Maybe handwork & I don't play nice together any more but I do have a sewing machine. And lots  of fabric. So, 2013 is to be the year I learn to machine quilt. Really. Nana, are you watching?