Lessons in Creativity: Season 2 is Live

Quiltmaker Lessons in Creativity takes you and a quilt design to a whole new level. Learn how to play with different color recipes, use a variety of quilting designs, create many interesting quilt options, enhance your sewing and quilting skills and so much more. And now, it's back for a second season! Check out the first episode of season 2 below  - and stay tuned for all new episodes which will air on QNNtv.com.

Check out a preview of one of the FREE episodes below and get the kit or digital pattern featured in this series and quilt along!

To watch the entire Lessons in Creativity series (FREE!), click here to visit QNNtv.com. Episodes include:

Episode 201: Maintaining Your Machine
Welcome to the first lesson of the new second series of Lessons in Creativity, using the Whirlpools quilt by Janice Averill, featured in Quiltmaker's May/June 2016 issue. Jenny shows how to take care of your sewing machine and discusses different tools you could use to maintain it. She also discusses when and why to change your needle and demonstrates the knee-lift feature on the Pfaff machine. Plus, see how an extension table can help with bigger projects and/or issues of work-space.

Episode 202: Fabric Color and Machine Foot Options
Whirlpools is a lovely quilt in its blue, white, and green colorway, but it would also be beautiful in other colorways. Jenny shows what would happen if it was a two-color black and white colorway; a three-color black, white, and red colorway; a one-color red colorway; and a colorway built with kids fabrics. She also points out the variables of scale in fabric prints and demonstrates the different types of sewing machine feet you might use while quilting. Plus, see how to measure where a quarter inch from your needle is on your sewing machine and the foot you’re using.

Episode 203: Rearranging Fabric Placements
Using the same five fabrics, Jenny shows how different the Whirlpool quilt would look if those five fabrics are used in different parts of the quilt blocks. A striped fabric is the focus fabric in many of these blocks, and Jenny shows how to cut the striped fabric so all of its patches match each other. As a bonus, Jenny also demonstrates how to match up seams with ease and work with leaders and enders.

Episode 204: Stitch and Flip Flying Geese with Bonus Units
Using yet another colorway for Whirlpool, Jenny demonstrates how to make stich and flip flying geese. As an added bonus, stitching a second line on each side of the goose will result in extra half-square triangle units which can be made into another project. Stay tuned for a future episode in which Jenny shows some of the blocks which can be made from those bonus half-square triangle units.

Episode 205: Designing and Adding Borders
The pattern for Whirlpool calls for a green inner border and blue outer border. In this episode, Jenny auditions different fabric choices for both borders. She places small, medium, and large scale prints and light, medium, and dark prints in both positions to show different effects. Once the borders are in place, the color of the binding can match the outer or inner borders, or any other fabric in the quilt. Jenny also shows how to measure the length to cut the borders and how to pin and sew them on for best results.

Episode 206: More Batting and Quilting Options
The most popular batting for quilts is arguably cotton batting, but other batting choices are wonderful depending on the quilt. Jenny shows silk batting, recycled polyester batting, fusible bamboo and cotton batting, and wool batting, and discusses the differences. Some battings shrink when they're first washed while others don't, and some battings need denser quilting than others. One of the options for that quilting is straight-line quilting, and Jenny demonstrates how to get nicely parallel lines with your domestic sewing machine.

Episode 207: Stitching Beside the Ditch Echo Quilting
Using a narrow-edge or stitch-in-the-ditch foot, Jenny demonstrates a method of echo quilting that involves stitching right beside the ditch created by the seam between fabrics. This method creates added dimension and texture to the quilt. Using a thread that contrasts with the fabric being stitched on adds the perception of embellishment, while using a thread that matches would simply add the texture.

Episode 208: Half-Square Triangle Bonus Blocks
Jenny promised in lesson four that she would later show blocks that could be made with the extra half-square triangles from the stitch and flip flying geese. Pinwheels, faux-flying geese, and other blocks are fun ways to use half-square triangles. Jenny demonstrates how to show the mini pinwheel block. For more information on Quiltmaker's Bitty Blocks, visit their website where you can find links to the relevant blog posts.

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