Lessons in Creativity: Take Your Quilt Design to a Whole New Level

Quiltmaker Lessons in Creativity takes you and a quilt design to a whole new level. Learn how to play with different color recipes, use a variety of quilting designs, create many interesting quilt options, enhance your sewing and quilting skills and so much more. Check out the episode notes below for the first series. And stay tuned for all new episodes which will air on QNNtv.com.

Check out a preview of one of the FREE episodes below and get the kit featured in this series and quilt along!

To watch the entire Lessons in Creativity series (FREE!), click here to visit QNNtv.com. Episodes include:

Episode: 101: Sewing Machines and Threads for Quilting
One of the questions that's often asked when getting into quilting is: What features should I look for in a sewing machine? Quilters have special sewing needs, and there are a number of features that are helpful for piecing and quilting. Jenny also shows the best threads to use, how to maintain your sewing machine, and what sewing machine feet and needles will be helpful for both piecing and quilting.

Episode: 102: How to Select Fabrics for a Quilt
In this lesson, Jenny shows that different colorways and alternative fabrics can be beautiful within the Buttercup and Blue quilt's blocks. She also talks about what to look for in terms of scale of fabric prints, colors on the color wheel, and how to audition different fabric choices.

Episode: 103: Quilt Block Design Options
In this episode, Jenny plays with turning triangles to make the quilt's blocks slightly different and adding sashing around the blocks with or without cornerstones in a variety of colors. Plus, see how each of those options would look in a finished quilt. ProductMeet your host, Jenny Kae Parks.

Episode: 104: Cutting Efficiently and Making Half-Square Triangles
Jenny demonstrates how to cut multiple squares from one strip of fabric quickly and easily. She shows different products and tools you can use to make half-square triangles and to mark lines on your fabric, whether for making half-square triangles or other quilting units. Plus, learn how to make multiple half-square triangle units at one time.

Episode: 105: Chain Piecing and Auditioning Borders
Jenny shows you how to lay out your block and prep for chain piecing to stay organized without losing precious time going back and forth from the machine to the cutting mat. Jenny shows you how to audition fabrics for the borders and how different colors and patterns can have different effects. She also auditions a piano-key style pieced border as another idea for finishing your quilt, then shows how to pin it in place for sewing it to the block. ProductPfaff Machine

Episode: 106: Quilt Batting and Basic Quilting 
Once you've finished piecing your quilt top, it's time to layer the top, batting, and backing together and quilt it! Jenny shows samples of several different types of batting and the difference between low and high loft battings. She then demonstrates auditioning different colors and weights of quilting threads. There are numerous ways to quilt a quilt, and using your machine's decorative stitches is one which can also embellish your quilt. ProductDownload the pattern for Buttercup & Blue pillow.

Episode: 107: Squaring Up, Basting, and Free-Motion Quilting
There are several steps to complete before quilting your quilt. The first is squaring up your quilt top, and Jenny talks about what to watch for in order to make sure points of triangles or other units aren't cut off when doing so. Second, you'll need to baste your quilt top, batting, and backing together. Jenny demonstrates both how to spray baste and how to pin baste. Then, learn how to set up for free-motion quilting and watch as Jenny does a swirling all over design showing both how to get larger and smaller stitches.

Episode: 108: Enlarging Quilt Blocks and Making Buttonholes
The blocks in the Buttercup & Blue quilt finish at 12", but what if you wanted to make the blocks bigger? Jenny made one to finish at 18" for a matching pillow, and she talks about how to figure out what sizes to cut the enlarged patches. She also shows how to make a buttonhole for use on the back of the pillow-cover. Get additional information about enlarging or reducing quilt blocks on Quiltmaker's website.

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