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How do you decide what to make next?

Day one of my new blog...This is something new for me but I really wanted a place to keep track of the quilts that I make.  I've made a number of quilts over the past 15 years but never had a formal way of keeping track of what I've made.  This should be a great help.  Right now, I'm trying to make up my mind what to make next.  I've been looking at the Fons and Porter show where Marianne and Mary Fons make a Christmas tabletopper.  The show was called "Christmas Memories".  I absolutely love that table topper.  I think I finally have all the supplies I need to make it.  I have a huge stash of fabric and tons of patterns that I want to make but...which one to make?  It's easy when there's a wedding or baby shower.  There just isn't enough time in the day...

How do you decide what to make next?  Anyone have a suggestion?


Valerie said:

I usually go by if someone's birthday or a special holiday is coming up. If not then I decide on what project to make for the house or a charity group. Remember Christmas is only a few months away, if you plan on making any items for someone for the holidays. I hope this helps some.


# June 28, 2011 8:10 PM

Barbara said:

I just find something I like and start it , I don't have to have a special reason..Barbara

# June 29, 2011 12:35 AM

Karla said:

I've got a whole list of which quilts I want to make.  When it comes time to start a new one, I just get out my list and start going through my stash to see what I can come up with.

# June 29, 2011 10:50 AM

greenmonstr said:

I usually have two projects going at once that are a little different.  I have those plastic project boxes from Joann Fabrics. Right now I have a tiger quilt cut up (a lap quilt for me - I made four lap quilts for Christmas last year but none for me, so it's my turn!) and my alternate project is a T-shirt quilt with all my son's soccer T-shirts (he is 20 now).

I like having two different projects at once (usually at different stages) because then I can go with whatever floats my boat at that time.

# July 5, 2011 2:45 PM