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MQN Mystery Quilt - Adding Borders & Finishing
We are now in the home stretch. Let’s...

Posted Mon, Feb 11 2013 7:51 PM by Pamela | with no comments

Sue's Sunday Sewing & Other Such Things
I am sitting at my computer with the sun...

Posted Sun, Mar 11 2012 1:11 PM by Pamela | 1 comment(s)

Mystery Quilt Pattern - Fabric Selection
I am writing a mystery quilt pattern for...

Posted Sat, Feb 11 2012 8:21 PM by Pamela | with no comments

Sue's Sunday Projects Continue
I spent most of the day preparing the next...

Posted Sun, Jan 15 2012 7:20 PM by Pamela | 2 comment(s)

Silent Auction Baskets - Round Two
Today, I'm tired. Probably from sorting...

Posted Sun, Sep 11 2011 2:29 PM by Pamela | with no comments