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September 2013 - Posts

Stitching Valances

Life has been busy in Modern Sue's household. Blog posts have not been a priority. Besides the usual stuff of life, DH and I have been remodeling the sales floor of our bakery business. As well, our daughter began a new job on the afternoon shift, and we have been assisting with child care. It has been difficult to squeeze in any sewing time amid all the activity.

The only project that I have actually completed is new valances for the windows at the bakery. I purchased an aqua chevron design fabric by Cloud 9 and a coordinating design with multiple colors, both at JoAnn Fabrics. They were perfect for the decor. Luckily, I had a 60% coupon, since the cost of the Cloud 9 fabric was $14.99 per yard. Fabric prices have sky-rocketed, even at the discount stores.

Have you ever sewn curtains? Valances are just short curtains. They are so simple and these valances softened the starkness that the tall, open windows presented. Valance length is usually a third of the window. Add 2-4 inches for the header and an inch for the bottom hem. I stitched a 3" header with a quarter inch turn under seam and a half inch, double fold hem. Measure the outside edge of the window and multiply by 2.5, to determine the fabric width. Add an additional 1/2" for seaming strips to obtain the needed width. Add another one inch for adding both quarter inch, double fold, side seams. Be sure to trim off the selvedges. I had a 65" X 20" strip for each valance, which was one-and-a-half times the WOF.

Sew the quarter inch, double fold, side seams first. I press under a 1/2" fold, then turn the edge under to meet the pressed edge, forming the double folded seam. A seam guide works well to measure the seam across the width of the fabric as you press under the edges.

Next, fold under and press the header seam. Do the entire header width first, then, press under the quarter inch seam. Stitch the seam. Stitch another seam 1-2" from the first seam, to form the opening for the curtain rod. For these curtains, I decided to stitch a second seam about 3/8" away from the lower seam, then stitched a one inch seam from this line. This left a 1-1/2" header above the curtain rod opening.


Lastly, press under a one inch hem, then fold the seam under to meet the pressed edge, forming the 1/2 inch, double fold hem. Stitch the hem in place. The valance is now ready to slip onto the curtain rod and hang onto the window.

Now I'm back to stitching on quilts. There are two baby quilts that are waiting for backing and basting, so that they can be machine quilted. I have also been stitching leaves on an applique border for my applique heart quilt. This will likely be put on hold, as I begin the blocks for my guilds next Applique Club project samples. I'll have to be sure to post pictures as I progress on these projects.

Until then...

Happy stitching!

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